Santa is coming early to our house!

Being in the military sometimes has it’s perks….one of the perks is of course a direct line to Santa. So this year, since Daddy will be working hard Santa is making a special trip to our house this Saturday. When you’re in the military you do what you have do. It took me a little bit of thinking to decide what to do. At first I thought we’d just go with the flow and do Christmas on Christmas and it would just be whatever. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to just do what we had to do. But I realized since he will be here sort of close to the actual Christmas, the kids are still pretty young, and Brian will not be returning to school after our celebration before the winter break we decided to just go with it early. It’s more important that he be here to celebrate with us. Truthfully my little heart probably couldn’t take not celebrating with him. This particular Christmas seems to of particular importance because its our first one away from our families and closest family friends. December has been quite rough – a virus for Christopher and I, stomach flu for all of us, pretty bad colds for the kids and I. There’s so much I haven’t done that I wanted to. It’s important that I listen to my husband. The kids are young and probably won’t remember everything. At this point I’m doing this for me because I feel like I need to for them. I’m running myself ragged because I feel this need to for myself, to make up for the fact that things are different now. We got our tree late, the decorating didn’t go so well and the kids started melting down/falling asleep, hubbs has been working a ridiculous amount and its just not what I had in mind. However I must remember to take a deep breath. Too high of expectations only sets me up for disappointment. It is not like anything bad has happened, but I think expectations were too high and when things came up that were out of my control, it was difficult to handle.

 A visit with Santa, thanks Operation Homefront!
 with Miss Maryland Teen, showing her their toys.  Such a sweet girl.


Christmas at the White House!

        I must remember to concentrate on all the amazing and wonderful things that have happened. The kids and I were able to visit the White House, all decked out for Christmas none the less. Daddy WAS able to go with us to get a tree and decorated it. We put our lights up, decorations are up, we got to see Santa and be blessed by the amazing people at Operation Homefront, which we never have been able to do before. So cheers to the good things. Christmas is not about what happens to us. It’s about giving, which is ridiculously cliched I know. Imparting upon my children the true meaning of Christmas is more important than any of that other stuff.

Merry Christmas!!

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