Cammo Style Love attends the Kid’s Inaugural Ball

We were absolutely beyond honored to attend the Kid’s Inaugural Ball, to honor military children, hosted by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.  I picked them up, opened the envelope and started crying.  I’m driving down E street in DC crying!  Seriously?  A year ago I never could have imagined that this would be happening, that my kid’s would be experiencing something like this.  There are three official Presidential Events during the Inaugural and we were at one of them!  Wow!  We haven’t experienced many of these types of things.  Where we were located last just didn’t have many of those things, or groups, around to provide those things.  We were able to attend a Def Leppard concert once, as well as pick up school supplies for our kids one year.  Other than that it was pretty desolate.  Living close to the city has surpassed all my wildest expectations.  In reality I had none.  I knew I wanted to get involved, but I had absolutely no idea the amazing opportunities that would come from it.  We are truly blessed beyond belief.

 My adorable kids more excited about their new paper and pens
 Usher….I was freaking out, LOL

Early that day my two oldest went with me on the sumway (what Brian and Ami call the metro), packed with new little toys, two pads of fresh drawing paper and brand new pens.  We arrived at the Washing Convention Center about an hour before the event was to start.  I have to tell you that my children were probably the most amazing they have ever been.  It was a long, hard day, and to be perfectly honest the concert wasn’t really all the interesting to them.  Ami fell asleep right before it started and slept through Usher.  I was probably more excited then they were. Michelle and the girls were wonderful, the volunteers were amazing, we sat in the 6th row and I couldn’t believe that I was in the same room listening to Michelle Obama.  It was pretty amazing.  That was one of the things Brian was pretty excited about, however he was quite upset that President Obama wasn’t there.  Ami became aware at the end when Katy Perry came on.  The bright colors and fun music were mesmerizing for her; and she kept saying how pretty she was.

That brings me to something else I wanted to mention.  The day after the event an article popped up on my Yahoo! home page.  The author was making a joking remark about Katy Perry’s somewhat racy outfit choice for a children’s event.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by it.  Her cleavage wasn’t that bad, and it looked like a once piece bathing suit.  She was sweet and cute and I really loved the performance.  What I did find odd about the whole experience was the fact that it really wasn’t for young children.   Taking my children to see Usher, Katy Perry and Far East Movement isn’t something I probably would have ever done under any other circumstance.  The show was probably more geared towards children the age of the Obama girls.  While the outfit didn’t really concern me, the content of the songs sung might have been concerning if my children were paying attention, aware of what was occurring.  So if anyone was going to be concerned about anything – and everyone remember that I, Rheanna, said this – it wasn’t what Katy was wearing, trust me.

The thrill of my night was probably seeing JR Martinez, an amazing Hero!  I wish he had more time on stage.

The whole evening was really the Thrill of a lifetime.  Not one thing was more amazing then the other.  It was all sort of surreal!  Thank you so much to those that made it possible.

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  1. How exciting! No matter what side of the political arena you fall on, it definitely is amazing to go to events like this. My cousin and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Obama win party in Chicago in 2008 – such a magical evening and truly memorable event.

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