Wednesday Walkabout – My thoughts on Recalls

Today as I was running errands I was listening to our all news radio station here. Its kind of lame that I really enjoy listening to an all news station, but there you go. So as I’m listening and an announcement for the latest baby related recall comes on. Now, there are some that might be thinking that I should list some sort of disclaimer, or many exceptions to the rules. Maybe I should talk about the fact that there are accidents and not every parent is stupid. Maybe I should but I would just like to think that I don’t have to, that most of the things one might think would already be assumed and I’m not just some crazy person running around calling everyone stupid. I guess that was sort of a disclaimer, now wasn’t it.

The latest baby recall is for the Rock N Sleep……truthfully I still haven’t recovered from the hysterical laughing fit when I received the recall kit for my bumbo seat.

If you want further information about the recall, here’s one of the news articles that popped up.  The gist of it that mold can grow between the pad and the plastic.  A reported 600 cases have been reported (out of how many that have been sold in comparison) and there have been 16 cases of infants being treated for respiratory, cough and hives after sleeping in it.
Maybe I’m cynical, or just easily annoyed, but seriously?!  I feel horrible that these cases happened. how did they happen, will the recall prevent more?  Is it really anyones fault, even Fisher Prices, because mold can grow anywhere in those kinds of conditions.  If wet fabric is left folded together against a dark wet surface mold will grow.  Let me tell you about mold.  Ever since we moved to the East Coast mold has become my worst enemy.  I’m not used to having to even think about it.  Nevada has negative humidity, so worrying about that isn’t something that even crosses my mind ever.  Here, a towel might not dry before your next shower.  How crazy is that?  So I’m wondering if issues occurred just because, and it was purely a fluke sort of thing  Did the child leak through and no one cleaned it – not because they are a bad parent, but because they forgot.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they forgot because I have!
The whole bumbo recall and the issuing of the new kit with the seat belt cracked me up as well.  That’s when I really started getting annoyed with a lot of the recalls.  A baby could still be injured in the bumbo with the seat belt on, because most of the injuries were reported when babies were put on tables or high surfaces too close to the edge.  So a baby that is going to try to crawl out will just tip the whole thing over instead of just themselves now.  Maybe I’m thinking about this too much, but I feel really bad for these companies AND the parents too.  Everyone wants to sue everyone, be mad at everyone and find someone else to blame for everything!  Most of these cases probably occurred and it was just an accident…no one is to blame.  Why must we find someone to blame for every little thing?
The truth of the matter is that almost anything can be proved defective or dangerous if used improperly or if some weird, freak accident occurs.  Where will it end and when will it stop.  Like I said, these companies issue recalls and people must comply, its just the way it is.  I’m not telling anyone to say “shove off” and disregard any warning.  Its just sort of a vent I guess.  
Am I crazy or does anyone get what I’m saying?
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  1. I get what you are saying. I was reading about the latest information about carseats the other day. These parents were arguing online about which direction a carseat should face, with some parents saying that your child would DIE if it was faced forward. They were using statistics that gave the number of children who died during car accidents, completely overlooking the fact that the vast majority of children who die in car accident DO NOT HAVE A CAR SEAT AT ALL. It wasn't that they weren't using the car seat in the wrong direction; they weren't using the car seat, period. The misuse of statistics to encourage over-reacting is mind-boggling.

  2. Hi! I am Angie. I found your blog through the Walkabout today.

    The safety recalls are out of control lately. It seems like common sense is gone these days.

  3. I totally agree with you. A warning label and directions on how to properly use something isn't enough any more, apparently. And mold is one of my worst enemies too.

  4. I do agree that some recalls can be lame, as I also agree some are totally necessary. Sometimes I think people get too alarmed about some recalls ( like the bumbo seat…it's user error folks!)

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