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Today I’ve got another review from Robin Jones Gunn and the Glenbrooke Series! I’ve become such a fan of this series.

Summary: This bestselling former Palisades release is book five in the new Glenbrooke series by award-winning author Robin Jones Gunn. Shelly Graham has moved home to Glenbrooke, where she’s flooded with memories of her high school sweetheart, who took off for Europe after they broke up. But when Shelly travels to Germany, she suddenly runs into the former boyfriend who has filled her thoughts. Learning that Jonathan is engaged, Shelly hides her feelings for him. After returning home, however, she must face these feelings, especially after her path crosses Jonathan’s yet again. Only this time, if they can find the strength to be honest, they just might discover what God has in store.She remembers their childhood with longing their parting with regret…

Coming home wasn’t supposed to feel this way. After five years as a flight attendant, Shelly is home again, in a house alive with happy memories. Yet she feels strangely lost. Without direction. Alone.

Where is Jonathan Renrield when she needs him? Jonathan, her best friend nearly all her life, her first and only love. Shelly hadn’t meant to hurt him when she left him behind to chase her dreams. And she misses him more than she’s ever admitted. When they unexpectedly meet in Germany , Shelly manages to hide her feelings from Jonathan—and his fiancée. But she can no longer hide them from herself. Will she ever be ready to tell Jonathan the truth? Will she have the chance?

Not until a business trip takes her to charming Glenbrooke , Oregon does Shelly finally understand: only the truth can set her free. But is it too late for her and Jonathan?

What I Thought: Clouds is Book 5 in the Glenbooke Series, and the third one that I’ve read. Its yet another great read for me, and it only makes me love the series more. I haven’t read the series in order (I’ve read books 1,3 & 5, but I haven’t felt disoriented in doing so. That’s what I appreciate about Ms. Gunn. Even though the book is a series and each book plays off the next, I haven’t had a difficult time transitioning through the stories in the books.

The characters are wonderful, the story is touching – and the way she weaves the whole “God works in mysterious ways” that may seem outlandish, somehow work again. I mean, what are the odds right. I know the cynic that is in everyone might say that about some of the books in this series, but that’s the whole point. That’s why I love them. Sweet romance that you can find in the Christian/Faith books section. How great is that?

Thanks Robin for another great book!

 5 out of 5 Stars
**I received this book in partnership with Blogging for Books and Multnomah Press, in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My views and opinions are my own**
source – Booksneeze.com
Summary:  At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, a father and son struggle to trust in and follow God’s will. Farmers, preachers, and shipbuilders, generations of the Matthews family struggle to live according to God’s will. Through the Revolutionary War, droughts, and floods, they strive to hold firm to their belief in the love and forgiveness of their Creator, but will the outsiders they take into their homes and hearts reaffirm or destroy their faith? In this engrossing historical novel, set during the American Revolutionary War, readers will find a wholesome and detailed look at life and faith in the late 1700s.
What I thought:  I’m trying to decide still how I feel about this book.  It is meant as a juvenile fiction, but I’m just not sure what age of boy would read this book.  I didn’t find the story very exciting, although the premise and the idea behind it is great.  There seems to be too much stuffed into one book.  I almost think this would have made a great series of books following this family.  It seemed too simplistic and too fast.  There was a second where I thought maybe I’m too old to know whether or not this is a good book for juveniles.  I just don’t know about it.  Like I said, I feel like it could have been great.  Lots of great potential, but just missed the mark.
2 out of 5 stars
*I received this book in partnership with Booksneeze, in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My views and opinions are my own.**

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