The new #GracoJogger hangs out in DC

I was so thrilled to receive the FastAction™ Fold Click Connect™ Jogger from GracoI’m a novice jogging stroller user, and a semi-novice runner.  The opportunity to check out this stroller couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  I also happen to live next door to a marathon runner, and she took a turn checking out the stroller as well, while hers was “in the shop” so to speak.  As a special perk of checking out the Graco Jogger I also had the opportunity to meet some fellow blogging mama’s here in the DC/NoVA area, at a little Graco Party Playdate.  It was something way beyond hilarious to see fourteen of us lined up with our strollers.


 on our way to the party with my Graco neatly folded in the rear!

All lined up

We all seemed to be in agreement about the uniqueness of the stroller compared to other joggers we’ve used.  It is extremely light-weight, with the easy one-second, single step fold that locks upright with the kickstand.  As with most other jogging strollers, you have the real, pump tires, the locking ability for the front tire when running, and the wrist strap so it doesn’t get away from you.  Other features that the Graco Jogger has include reflectors, a cubbie on the tray to hold items and a smartphone cradle.  The one problem with the smart phone cradle, is that with my Life Proof case on it does fit in the cradle all the way.  I still sort of slide it in, and some of it sticks out, but it stays half in while I jog.  The little man feels quite comfy in the multi-position reclining seat, and is safe and sound in the 5pt or 3pt harness. 

It rides smoothly and I haven’t had any problems with it while running, even though my jogging stroller expertise isn’t vast, I have used a couple other brands.  The only real critiques (other than the fact I would have to take the case off my phone to put it in the cradle) I would give it would be the handle.  It is a bit bulky and is square in shape.  My hand just fits around it, but someone with smaller hands would have a difficult time.  I personally prefer the more rounded shape, ergonomically.  It is also a tall stroller.  When my friend (who is a tad shorter than me) used it, she mentioned the tall thing.  This can also be a positive, because for someone who is taller, and for the hubby’s out there especially, this is a great stroller and some of the other moms at the event mentioned this as a perk as well.  For comparisons sake it is about the same size as my Baby Trend Sit and Stand, there’s plenty of storage room, and even though it is large, it still maneuvers quite well.  The shade really isn’t worth too much unless you are using it with the infant seat.  I don’t really feel like it comes down quite far enough to be of any real good, when I’m comparing it to the other strollers I own.

might not be exactly what its meant for there Phillip 🙂  But thanks for 
demonstrating the roominess of it.

All in all its a wonderful stroller, and we’ve toted it around town and on little mini adventures – on the metro into DC, at the Natural History Museum, out to Fort Washington, MD and up the street to pick up my son from school.

You can pick up the Graco Fast Action Jogger $179.99, and the travel system for $254.99.

Graco’s NEW jogger is the ultimate crossover stroller, combining all the comfort and convenience features of a traditional stroller (FastAction Fold and Click Connect Technology) with performance and maneuverability of an all-terrain jogger.
As an added bonus, Graco’s innovative one-second, one-hand FastAction™ fold automatically locks & is self-standing.

          This post is sponsored by the Graco.

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