Happy Mother’s Day Sunday Social

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there!  Having three kids doesn’t make me a “mother expert”, but I have to admit its a pretty amazing gig.  It may have its ups and downs, but my three little crazy muchkins make all that worth it.  As I embark on some more single-parenting time (yay me!) I come to appreciate my amazing little ones.  My son has acquired this amazing ability to come alongside me, and behave far beyond his six years of age.  That’s probably true of most military kids his age.  I’m thankful for them every day, but a special day to really appreciate them is fine by me.

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Sunday Social

1. 1 year ago I was doing…
one year ago, I was adjusting to being here…we still had tons of boxes and it was crazy!!!
2. 5 years ago I was doing… 
Five years ago I was really pregnant with my daughter, and I had just turned 25.  My hubby planned a decades party for me and it was pretty awesome.  I remember not really being upset at all about turning 25…it must have been the extra hormones from the pregnancy.  LOL!
 my fab and super amazing…and world traveling superstar photographer took these!  if you’re looking for a photographer…anywhere you are, check out her website!
3. 10 years ago I was doing..
Wow, this is really taking me back!  10 years ago I was just a little engaged 20 year old 🙂  My soon to be hubby was gone being Mr. Air Force and I was planning a wedding all by my lonesome.
4. 1 year from now I’ll be doing…
One year from now my little miss will be preparing for Kindergarten.  I think that will be almost harder then when Brian started.  It will just be me and my little Phillip.  Oh boy..this is starting to become a little emotional.  Where does time go?  
On a slightly less emotionally intense note  I hope to be more ensconced in the DC/Military life here…more volunteering, getting better at writing and all that other stuff.  I’m excited to head out on this road.

5. 5 years from now I’ll be doing…
 Five years from now…all my kids will be in school.  Maybe I’ll have a paid position somewhere, maybe I won’t.  I don’t even know if I’ll be in the same location.  It might be fun to be here still, but how amazing would it be for my husband to find a job near our families.  
6. 10 years from now I’ll be doing…
Seriously..do I have to talk about this?  I’ll be 40…so seriously…lets not talk about it 🙂  
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