#MilitaryMonday Memorial Day

On this, Memorial Day, I realize how lucky I am.  How lucky I am that I’m only missing my hubby for a short time.   I think of my children and what I’m trying to instill in them.  What I want them to know about our Country, this America.  We have been to Arlington many times, and I will be taking the kids again tomorrow.  We visit several specific graves, to pay tribute to those important to us, as well as acknowledge what Memorial Day is about.  It is a day to honor those that have fallen.   I hope that I can honor those are no longer with us, that I can pass that on to my children.  I want to spend this day honor them by celebrating life, my being with my friends and family and raising a glass to them.  So very thankful for them.  They are the reason I can be here with my children.

 Lifetime Moms recently began a series of video stories called,  “The Soul Behind the Soldier,” talking about the journey of Gold Star Families.  Please visit Lifetime to see the first story, of Gold Star Wife, Nicki Bunting.  A&E Networks/Lifetimes Moms will donate $1.00 for each video view to a Gold Star Family organization.  Click and spread the word of these amazing stories.

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