So much to say, but I don’t know what it is?

As I sat down to upload my normal (whenever I can) Wordless Wednesday post, I thought….”Sheesh, the majority of my most recent posts haven’t really been anything personal.”  Reviews are great and all, but I can’t forget why I started this blog.  To talk about me, what I think and feel.  All that really lame stuff.  Then I thought, “Well what do I write about?”  I usually stay away from my computer during major events.  Finding myself gravitating towards that and just being one of the many posts commenting on the topic doesn’t seem helpful.  Do I really have anything unique or interesting to say on the topic?   Being one of those gals that thinks too much my first inclination is that, no, I don’t have anything interesting to say on the topic.  But  maybe my voice is the one voice someone happens upon that day, for whatever reason.

  I read a lot of blogs, sometimes I forgo book reading for the day and just dive into a huge pile of blog posts.  There have been times that I’ve come across posts that have spoken to me, have been just what I needed that day.  It was Sunday of this week that the smallness of the world struck me.  I found out that one of the parents in my Awana Class I help lead was running the Boston Marathon the day of the bombing.  He was so nonchalant when he talked about it.  Truth be told I don’t know him very well, but you just get that good vibe about him.   The way he talked about it was incredible.  I’m standing there in the hallway at church, suddenly being barreled over with emotions, tears stinging the backs of my eyes.  The emotion of all of that came back to me, and it dawned on me that I don’t think I really dealt with it.  Mr. Air Force was not home and with the littles running around I kept the TV off a lot.  Whenever stuff like this occurs anywhere in the world, not just here in the US, I tend to go into military mode and converse with my hubby on his level.  We’re all very pragmatic in the Cammo Love house.  I hoping one of you out there will tell me you’re like that too, and I haven’t lost my soul or something.

When we came home on Sunday night Mr. Air Force and I struck up a conversation about the event, and how our Awana friend had experienced this horrible thing and his kids were there.  They heard it, and were surrounded by it in such a way that they couldn’t switch it off like we could.  We didn’t discuss the events with our kids, and short of Ami accidentally hearing the world explosion (and sirens) and becoming obsessed with that, they are clueless.  We like it that way.  In the days and weeks after the bombing friends, bloggers and article writers everywhere were discussing children and what they should know.  I don’t think my kids know what terrorists are.  They understand in vague terms what daddy does.  The concept of bad guys and good guys, in their heads are more like a Disney movie then a real reflection of reality.  That’s what we’ve chosen to do.  Mr. Air Force even said that if 9/11 were to happen tomorrow he didn’t think he would discuss it with the kids at all.  They will have plenty of time to understand that, be exposed to it, and deal with it.  But there is only a small window of time where they get to be kids.  There will only be a few short years of blissful play, make believe and silliness.  Maybe its not what everyone would do, but I think I feel good about it.  You are constantly second guessing yourself as a parent.  There are so many ways people do things, and so much exposure to all the different ways…you can’t help but wonder if there is only one right way to handle something.   Mr. Air Force is good at reassuring me.  After 14 years of being together his presence alone can slow my panic attacks and mom worries.  I feel confident in our decision and I just want my kids to enjoy their little innocent lives for as long as possible.

What about you?  How do you handle stuff like this in your household, or how would you?
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