Wednesday Walkabout: To the Mother of Boys

Yesterday I was playing in the park with some mommy friends, and since we have a lot of boys among us we talked about what its like to be the mothers of sons. Most of the boys that I know are boy’s boys…you know like the phrase, “he’s a man’s man.” We also share the same experiences when it comes to having our boys out in public, to play with other kids. Who do you find climbing things, jumping off things, creating jungle gyms out of tables, chairs, fireplace hearths, couches and basically anything else that might (or might not) hold their weight. It’s almost always a boy. If you hear a strange growling type noise, its probably a little boy making a car noise…he will make that noise…ALL. The. Time.

To the mother of boys with only friends with little girls. You are a good mom, you just have been blessed with the life and passion, tightly wound up in a little adorably grubbie package. He’s wild and loud, but looks at you like you could walk on water. Don’t apologize for your boy being a boy. Help him grow and learn…to know when to let his boyness flow…and maybe sometimes to pull it in a little. But when he’s two and just wants to be a lion, let him be a lion. The other moms, that look at you sideways, need to be able to adapt as well. It shouldn’t be all on you to calm and quiet your little man. To hold him back from experiencing worms in the dirt, and then getting that dirt over every inch of his little body.

To the mother of a boy like mine…..
let him take stuff apart, find the show “How It’s Made,” right this second and record every episode. Look up Discovery TV on youtube and watch every episode about planets. Then, go make some planets out of rocks. Put him in martial arts (put your girls in too), it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Teach him to be a gentleman, even when he’s 4. To be sweet to little girls, to say excuse me when he burps, and to share his worms (if they want them).
I love being the mother of boys!

I don’t often mention or suggest parenting-style books, but if you have a boy check out the book Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys.

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