Wummel Box Review

My kids love doing projects.  That’s the key word I always use when moving the kids from one activity to another during the day.  I love incorporating craft and art activities into our day.  I try to do something like that once a day.  We throw down some newspaper or a washable table cloth, and get messy.  Nurturing the creative side of children I think is so important.  Not everyone is crafty, I get that…but even if its as simple as finger paint on white paper, or coloring in a coloring book….kids will love it!  However, if you aren’t a crafty mom and are looking for a little bit more in the crafty department Wummelbox is here to save the day.  I was completely thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to check out a Wummelbox for myself.

*Wummelbox example*
  • Wummelbox is a subscription service box, from Berlin, and has recently launched here in the US
  • Wummelbox comes here month with a particular theme in mind (Nutrition, Music or Color and Light), and includes the materials needed to do 3-4 projects
  • Wummelbox uses high quality materials and takes the extra step to be eco-friendly wherever possible – using reforested wood and materials, like cork and sand, reusing the actual box as part of an activity whenever possible.
  • Wummelbox subscriptions have three different options – Try A Wummel – a one-month subscription prices at $34.95, a three-month subscription prices at $24.95 per month and Big Wummel – a twelve month subscription priced at $19.95.
Please visit Wummelbox online, as well as their Facebook page for more info!
Now, to the good stuff!!  The box we were able to try had a ‘Time Travel’ theme!  It included the materials for three projects: Build your own time machine, create a cave painting, and create and play the Hunter & Gatherer game.
*example of a Wummelbox craft*
This was the best box for my kids!  We are in hyperactive imagination phase around these parts, and I absolutely love that the Wummelbox is more than just arts and crafts.  The big selling point for me with this box is how it encouraged imagination with my children.  After we made our cave painting we made a fort in our living room and hung our cave painting up.  We talked about what cave paintings were and what people used them for.

As far as the actual tools to make the projects, they are perfect for little hands and easy for them to do by themselves.  The Wummelbox also contained scissors and paintbrushes.  I thought this was genius on their part because if you didn’t have any tools at home you could use the Wummelbox straight from the mail without having to go out and buy anything.  That makes a mother’s heart happy! They did struggle with peeling the sticky tabs, but that was the only thing they completely needed my help with.  
I would definitely recommend giving Wummelbox a try.  The pricing for one box, I will say, seems a little steep, but the for a mom who is not crafty and needs some help with that it might be worth it.  I really like the price for the three month subsciption..I mean, that’s one lunch out at Chick-Fil-A for us, you know what I mean.  Spread the projects out, make the experience special.  That’s what I did with my one little box.  We’ve had so much fun with the Wummelbox.  The concept is great, the ideas are fantastic and it encourages play in children, which I’m the biggest fan of!
**I received one Wummelbox for review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  My thoughts and opinions are my own**

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