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Cleaning isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world to do. While I usually feel good after I do it, and it usually ends up being cathartic. I feel so much better after I clean. There are some things, however, that pose somewhat of a cleaning challenge. What about your dishwasher and your washing machine? Frankly, I never thought about cleaning either one really. That’s where Affresh comes in. Affresh has a whole line of cleaning products, with several products specifcally designed for specific items in your house. They have products designed for your dishwasher, washingmachine, stainless steele items and your cooktop!

Affresh Dishwasher cleaner can help rid your dishwasher of mineral buildup, which can improve the effectiveness of it. The Whirpool Corporation actually recommends that you clean your dishwasher once a month. Now, as far as the washing machine goes, I first thought of the need to clean it after I saw the commericls after odor problems with man HE washing machines. We don’t happen to have an HE washing machine, but I feel like regular washing machines may have some similar issues with build-up. I mean, why not? Now an extra side not for those that Cloth Diaper. I have used the cleaner for several months, I noticed difference immediately with the smell of the washing machine, BUT I haven’t noticed an adverse effect with the cloth diapers. You never know, especially with children with sensitive skin, whether or not putting anything extra in your washing machine will effect it. Thishasn’t been a problem for us. 

Affresh is so much more than just cleaning products. They have great cleaning tips like DIY tips to clean your shower’s glass doors and your mirrors. Find more tips, like how to get stains like mustard, charcol and melted butter out, on the Affresh Blog!

I like the fact that Affresh is recommneded by leading manufacturers like, Whirpool, Amana and Maytag. Affresh is also available at many local retailers. Look for these products at WalMart, Sears, RC Willey and Home Depot. To find one of these, or another retailer, your area visit Affresh on the web and enter your zipcode!
Affresh has graciously offered one of my lucky winners the opportunity to win some products from their cleaning line. Good luck!
**I was provided with products from Affresh in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I was not compensated in any other way. My thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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