Happies and Crappies: Summer is almost here…

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I feel like if i really let myself world vomit this might be a little on the “crappies” side of things…but I think the point (at least for me) is not allow myself to focus on just the crappies of the week.  So….
1. Summer is almost here, no school for my little guy.  Which means, I don’t have to wake him up, which I hate.  His poor little eyes looking at me, all sad.  And frankly, I’ve missed having my little man around.  Lil Sis and Bro have missed him as well, although more Lil Sis, because lil bro, is pretty little…but I think he gets it.
2.  getting healthy and trying to get fit!  I hurt my knee, but I’m adapting and have found new stuff to do to keep going strong.
3. the calendar pages are passing quickly…some days not so quickly (but this is the “happies” section), which means that hubby won’t be gone for too much longer.
4. Ami is getting her next belt in Tae Kwon Do.  She’s worked really hard,and at her own pace, but I’m so proud of her.
5. Brian has moved out of the little kid’s program and into the big kid’s.  He is thriving and doing well.
1. No hubby = major suckage
2. I hurt my knee, which means my running was sidelined and so was my P90X. I have no idea what I did to it, but it just couldn’t take the intense of the workouts.  I would half do it, skip it, get frustrated.   It also means that my Couch to 5K has gone by the wayside as well.  Its taking a little bit longer then the norm, but I”m hoping to resume soon.
3.  The kids are at an interesting stage in development,which it comes to Daddy being gone.  Each new age and each separation has its own new and exciting (NOT) adventures.  Ami is super emotional, Brian is back-talking, and Phillip…well, he’s just Phillip and he’s beginning his terrible two’s….which is compounded by no daddy and mommy being just too darn tired to see everything through for as many hours in the day that I have to.  How many hours?
Can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs!  Thanks for stopping by.  Make sure to let me know and I’ll definitely return the bloggy love.  If you want to check out my newly relaunched and revamped Thursday Blog Hop/Link up, I will be leaving it open for a week in the beginning.  It’s a fun little trip down memory lane. 

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