Preparing for a Little One – Dealing with Post-Partum Depression

 Preparing For A Little One

This is my second topic with these lovely ladies and I am so happy to be a part of it.  Its not because I think I’m super awesome (*cough cough*) but I being the mother of three, with so many different experiences I would only hope and pray that God would use me to bless another mama.  Motherhood is scary, if not just for the most obvious reasons, but for all the mommy drama that can go along with it.  I’d like to think that I approach it from a real and relaxed viewpoint.

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This weeks topic is dealing with Post-Partum depression, and this is something that I have talked about here, and here.  Its the real deal and the stigma attached to it is also very real.  What person wants to admit that they can’t handle everything?  As a military wife I’m in a lot of situations where I’m left to handle most everything by myself.  It happens more often then I’d like, but this is the life we both chose and I’m cool with that.  However, just because I chose it doesn’t mean I can’t vent about it and can’t admit that I can’t do everything by myself.  The same goes with after having a baby.  

I remember it very clearly, the first time I dealt with this.  I knew about post-partum and baby blues.  I think most moms go through this, whether its just the overwhelming reality that you have a little life in your arms or sheer exhaustion I’m not sure.   There are many ways people say you can avoid this – breastfeeding, support, rest, whatever.  I appreciate all those things, and I did and had all those things.      Dwelling on all the reasons I should have been fine is probably part of the reason I got myself into the predicament I did.  Granted I had a hubby working a ridiculous amount, but still.  It took me eight months to admit that I had a problem.  Eight months!!  I was stubborn and thought I could handle everything.  I told myself plenty of times that if I started to feel bad that I would get help, but I didn’t; and when it lasted longer than six weeks I still didn’t get help.  One day I looked at my husband and said, “I think I’m depressed.”  He was relieved.  While he had expressed concern, what’s he supposed to do?  So, I went it and began a low dosage of Lexapro.  It was the lowest dose, just to get me over “the hump,” so to speak.  It immediately changed everything.  Admitting that I couldn’t, and didn’t have be perfect, was probably just as helpful as getting some medication.  There was no shame in it.  I was on the medication until I became pregnant with my daughter, and didn’t go back on anything until recently.  I didn’t experience any issues going off of it, or stopping the sleeping pills I occasionally took (as that was also a problem related to the PPD).  So, if that is something you’re concerned about, don’t let that stop you!

So here’s some quick tips for you:

1) get help right away.  Keep talking to your doctor.  They’ll know when it goes beyond normal post-delivery hormone withdrawl.

2) don’t tell yourself you can handle everything!  We weren’t meant to handle everything.  That’s why we have friends and family!!

3) know that just because you get help doesn’t mean you can’t be, and aren’t, Super Mom – Because you are!!

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  1. I never had Post-Partum depression myself, but a good friend of mine did. I just supported and helped her in any way I could. Thankfully it cleared up after a few months and things went on as normal 🙂

  2. I'm so glad that you didn't experience it. I didn't either with my middle. So strange how it can be different every time. You were a great friend I'm sure. That's exactly what we need in a situation like that. I'm glad she had someone like you.

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