Rhe’s Bookshelf : The Christian Mama’s Guide to the School-Age Years


Prepares moms for the time when their school-aged kids take their first few steps into the world and away from mama’s nest.
Sending a child off to school is a whole lot more than stocking up on school supplies and packing a (somewhat) healthy lunch. This helpful guidebook walks Christian moms through:

  • discovering a long-term vision for the person that Christ has purposed for your child to become
  • instilling a sense of “who I am and where I came from” in your child
  • choosing a school for your kids
  • helping your kids to develop key attributes—courage, kindness, perseverance—that lead to success in school
  • dealing with teachers, sports, and lessons
  • navigating those difficult conversations that will come sooner rather than later
  • a special feature includes sidebars “From the Principal’s Office” with insights from a 35-year elementary school principal and educator

Moms will learn how to cover their children in prayer so that their launch into the world, and away from her control, is done with grace and wisdom—helping them grow into the men and women God intended them to be.

What I thought:

So, here’s the deal.  I’m trying to look at this book with fresh eyes so to speak.  I think it may have done more good before my son actually started school.  I think it would have given me encouragement and a “hug” as I was preparing for my oldest to start Kindergarten.  It was a little scary for me, especially since I wasn’t sold on the whole public school thing in the first place.  But I’m very blessed to be able to stay at home with my children, therefore getting involved in the school, as a room mom, and being there as much as possible.  And despite my confidence in general sending my baby off to school was hard.  I prayed about, and talked about it, and hoped with all my might that I had prepared my little guy, in the six short years he’s been on earth, to handle all that he would soon encounter.  Did I make the right decision in not sending him to pre-school, would be be ready for all day preschool?!  I wasn’t sure.  The book contains some great advice and encouragement, but I think it’s be served for someone with children not yet at this stage of life.  I wasn’t a fan of the writing style, it was sort of conversational, but at times seemed scattered.  The “notes from the principal” were a cool idea.  It’s fairly quick and easy read.

2 1/2 – 3 stars (Lol, depending on how you look at it).

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