A Year Ago Today

Most every Thursday I try to take a look back on what we were doing a year ago today (or around the day).  If you want to grab the button and post your own feel free and let me know you did!  Thanks for stopping by.

Look at my little munchkins!  Where does time go?  We were clearly enjoying our summer time.  We spent a good majority of it outside…we were adjusting to the humidity and the bugs.  For heaven’s sake, the bugs!  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, holy smokes.  This summer is much, much better.  The bugs are a smidge less annoying, we’re getting bitten less and the humidity is bearable.  However, I’m pretty sure the humidity is just not as bad this year.  We haven’t had 100degrees days this year, I don’t think ever.  Maybe once or twice…maybe.  But its been a fairly mild summer.  I’m interested to see what that means for our winter.  My kids were rather disappointed in our winter.  There just wasn’t a  lot of snow.  So maybe this year there will be some more snow days for us.

What were you doing a year ago today?

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