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Hello bloggers and readers!!  Welcome to Cammo Style Love.  If you’re already a reader this post might seem a little strange, however there’s a pretty awesome reason for it.  My little corner of the blogging world was named a Top 50 Military Blog by Voice Boks – The Voice of Parenting.  Its pretty neat to be recognized for your blogging.  Truth be told I just do this for me, and in the hopes it might help someone.  You never know who might need to see whatever it is you write.  There’s been a handful of times where I’ve known that something that helped someone, but you just never know.  That’s what I try to do here.  Although I do talk about myself and my kids….how the military affects our life, how we rock the military life.

 Since our move to DC so many opportunities have come my way, that I’ve brought them to the blog.  At least 3 or 4 times a month I highlight an organization or group that assists the military in some way.  I really try to focus on organizations that are lesser known, or fit a niche of people.  My last one was the Military Spouse JD Network, a network of military spouses who are lawyers.  Its a very niche group, but maybe someone with a sister/brother or aunt/uncle will see it and pass it along.  Information sharing is the key and I want to take advantage while I can.  Living here has been such a blessing to me and my family.

Mr. Air Force has been in my life 14 1/2 years, 11 of which he’s been a Mr. Air Force and 9 of which I’ve been Mrs. Air Force.  We have three beautiful children, 7, 4 and 2.  It’s been a crazy life, full of ups and downs and sooooooooooo much craziness!  You can read more in my Our Story section.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I can’t wait to meet more of my fellow bloggers. 
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