Sunday Social Week 63 – Blog Hop

It’s a new week everyone, which means its time for a Sunday Social!  I missed these link-ups while I was off vacationing in the beautiful Northern California (more to come of that).  So happy to visit some old bloggy friends and maybe find some new blogs.  If you’ve never linked-up you really should, it’s so much fun.

Sunday Social

1. What’s something you’ve never done but always wanted to do?

Gosh, I always wanted to go to another country (aside from Mexico – I went back in the day when you didn’t need a passport).  I’m not a super dare-devilish kind of gal, so sky-diving and scuba diving…not for me!

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years all of my kids will be in school.  Whoa!  That’s a little weird and slightly emotional to think about.  I’d like to be close to making our way back to California to be near our families, but that can always change.  I’m just along for the ride.  Since the kids will all be in school I’d love to find a job, not sure where exactly that would be.  This last year has just been so crazy, with so many doors opening to me.  Who knows, one of those doors might lead to a paying job one of these days!

3. What are you looking forward to by the end of 2013?

By the end of 2013 I will have run my first 5K and I’m super excited about it.  I’m hoping hubby will be working slightly less and I’m looking forward to maybe having him home for some of the major holidays at the end of the year…which doesn’t happen very often.

4. What are your hopes for blog.

I feel like I’m really starting to get the word out to people, not just about me, but really helping the military community.  I’m starting to hear feedbaack from people and interest in helping me highlight and spread the word about programs that are available to military families.  I really want to do more for the National Guard and Reserves community and I just want to be able to reach out to them more.  It’s so exciting to think about all the possibilities for my blog, and because of my blog!

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current city/town?

I think we will be here for awhile.  We’ve been wanting to get here for a really long time and we’re finally here.  The adjustment was a lot harder then I expected it to be, but I think I had a recharge after going home to California.  So, in short yes and no.

6. What is your morning routine?

oh gosh!  LOL!  My children are usually my alarm clock, cute ones though huh 🙂  I get up, start coffee and make breakfast while they are either playing or watching some morning cartoons.  Once I get the coffee started I get their breakfast going.  After they are all settled I finally sit down my little living room, with my coffee, and begin my email/blog reading!!!

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