#FierceFund – Find your Inner Fierceness

When was the last time you were fierce?  Sometimes I don’t think I give myself enough credit for my moments of fierceness.   As a milspouse I think my moments of fierceness have occurred mostly in around the military’s presence in my life.  When your husband goes gallivanting around the country and is gone at the most random of hours you kind of gotta be fierce.  You gotta just pick yourself up and move forward though.  When the water heater breaks, your kids are melting down and you can’t find your car keys….you gotta be fierce.  When your oldest son, whom you thought wouldn’t totally lose it this go around, completely and totally loses it because he just misses his daddy….and you’ve got to someone how explain that to the school, while dealing with everything else so YOU won’t lose it….you just gotta be fierce!

Some of the fiercest women I’ve met are my fellow MilSpouse friends.  I’ve been there and received the phone calls, and had the difficult conversations.  These women are fierce!  Two of my closest friends are millies, we’ve been through so much together, almost 100% virtually.  When I’m down and acting strange, they know somethings up…when breaking news airs about a situation where one of our husbands were, we are the first ones to call each other.  Fierce!

I really hope that I can pass on an attitude of fierceness to my daughter.  The ability to be strong and confident in her own skin; to exhibit grace and power all at the same time.   To be there for her friends and family.  To be FIERCE!

Clever Girls Collective has created the #FierceFund, which will donate $20,000 to initiatives that celebrate, encourage and elevate women and girls.  One of the co-founders of Clever Girls experienced going through Stage-2 Breast Cancer, and continued to move forward with life by working and being there for her kids.  It was then Clever Girls realized the importance of being there for our fellow women, and supporting them when they needed it most.  This inspired the Fierce Fund!

There are three amazing non-profits nominated this year:

CoachArt – provides free lessons in arts and athletics to terminally and chronically ill children and their siblings.

Dress For Success, San Francisco – provides professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to economically disadvantages women.

Girls Who Code – educates, inspires and equips young women to pursue academics and a career in the computing fields.

You can find out more about these amazing organizations and vote here, for who you think should be the recipient of the 2013 Fierce Fund.  You have until October 21st, to get your votes in. 

I’m doing my part by being a part of the “Traveling Blue Wig” project, and partnering with Clever Girls Collective to share stories of being Fierce!

When was a time you were fierce?  Do you have a “Fierce” someone in your life that has inspired you?
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