The Shandle…A Germ Fearing Mother’s Dream… *review*

This is probably the weirdest things I’ve ever reviewed.  I mean, it’s not weird bad, its just not something I would have ever thought of.  But seriously, its amazing!  All my germ-fearin’ mamas out there…don’t be shy…you will love this.  And even if you’re not you will still love it.  May I introduce to you..The Shandle

I know…”say what?!” 
The Shandle, is a nifty little device that you stick to your toilet to make for easy lifting and lowering.  The coolest, “why didn’t I think of that” invention ever.  It’s easy, ‘peel and stick’, waterproof decals make toilet training easier for the little ones, and toilet use easy for your older ones.  My two-year-old, who is just now starting to become interested in using the potty, can use it easily.  I love it.  There’s no risk of him smacking his finger, smacking another part of his body, or touching anything I don’t want him too.  Plus, they are cute!
The Shandle isn’t just for kids.  It comes in all sorts of colors and designs to match most decor.  You can go modern, simple and clean or funky!  I’m a fan of the Hampton Head Collection.

This simple product was created by two dudes that saw a need, and came up with a simple idea.  They are now both new parents and will certain come to appreciate The Shandle for the potty training phase of life.  

You can snag a three back for $9.99.  Check out The Shandle’s blog too.

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