Toddler Tuesdays – Three Ways to make Being Two Not so Rough, Man!

Today I’m linking up with Our Piece O Earth for Toddler Tuesdays.  It works out quite perfectly because today my baby is officially a toddler and not a baby.  My youngest isn’t a baby and I’m really not quite sure how I feel about that.   Potty training is on the horizon, which means it won’t be long until we are a diaper-free home.  I am really really REALLY not sure how I feel about that.

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Two years ago, my little glow worm was snuggling in my arms right on his due date!  It was a super fast and ridiculously easy delivery.  He had some jaundice and lay on that light, that’s when we started calling him glow-worm.  Then that morphed into snuggle worm.  He is by far my most snuggly and lovey kid.  He has a sweet gentle spirit and is always wanting to give us hugs and kisses.  He’s very concerned whenever someone gets hurt and seems wise beyond his years.  But sometimes two is just hard man.  You can’t tell people how you feel, sometimes they can’t understand you, and gosh darnit if you don’t get your nap its the end of world!

 Two is really a relative term here, because for us “two” has occurred at different ages and stages for my kids.  Two was pretty awesome for my daughter, however four has been a different story.  For my oldest it was three, but you get the idea.  If it could be done, they’ve tried it.  If you thought it could happen, I’ve seen it.  I once uttered the phrases, “No sweetie, your brother is not a lollipop,” and “please don’t sit on your sister’s face.”  So there you go.  When your two year old is in the middle of the side-walk in front of tae kwon do, having just flopped himself on the ground crying…you realize you’ve hit your terrible twos (or whatever age it is they are when that happens to you).  There’s not a whole lot you can do.  Every kid does it and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.   So what are these three things that I’m going to tell you to make being two not so tough?  It isn’t a huge secret or anything, but I know sometimes its nice when people tell it to you, because…in the moment you don’t think of it yourself.

1. You are a wonderful mom/parent and this is not necessarily a reflection of your parenting.  
Yes, clearly there should be instruction and discipline and bringing a child up in the right way.  We teach our child to be kind, and have manners, and that Jesus loves them….but sometimes kids are just kids and it doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job.

2. Kill them with kindness, and a little laughter
When my kids are driving me crazy and one is flailing on the floor, I deal with it best when I maintain an upbeat demeanor.  Instead of doing what I really want to do, curl up and cry, I smile, tell them I love them and that they can just throw their fit and walk away.  The laughter part comes in when I jokingly say, “whose kid is this?”

3. This too shall pass
Like I said, this isn’t something I came up with on my own; but I’m telling you, I almost never remember them in the moment.  Especially when its about 6pm, dinner is late and hubby has been gone.  Someone just said they are only little for such a short time, and we have to cherish those moments.  But when their face is covered with peanut butter and jelly, nap time is approaching and you have a pile of dishes you really need to get to….well, you’re just not thinking clearly.  Even on the best of days, all it takes is one well-timed tantrum to send your day spiraling down.  This too shall pass and before you know it they will flash you one of those silly lop-sided grins that will melt your heart.

For my little Prince Phillip.  Oh how I adore you and your sweet little disposition.  Your kind little heart and your love for your brother and sister.  You are such a big boy, so very smart, and growing more so by the day.  You are my heart.

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