We had a Homecoming….

I know, I know…”what? I didn’t even know her husband was gone?”  Yeah, it’s a little deal we made about Mr. Air Force and his job.  It has sort of become a way of life and even my real-life, non-internet friends are always saying, “wait, I didn’t know he was gone.”  I don’t even talk about it on my personal facebook.  O.P.S.E.C is my B**** yo!!!!  Okay, that was lame…but seriously, we here in the Cammo Love house try to be very mindful of OPSEC and PERSEC.  If you ever want to know more please don’t hesitate to email me.  People are always telling me I should teach a class.  If anyone wants to have me come teach one I will totally do it.

I digress….we had a homecoming a couple months ago.  A real one!  One where he came home in a uniform, during the day, and I had plenty of notice.  So I hoped on the internet to find a photographer to capture the moment, because who knew when that would ever happen again.  It was a really difficult separation this time around.  I’m not sure if it was the number of kids, their ages and phases, the fact we are so far from family or some combination, but it was rough.  I discovered Jessica, from Jessica Del Vecchio Photography.  She’s an amazing DC area photographer, and I still get a little teary when I think about what she did for our family.  She graciously did an OP Love style shoot, drove out so far to the airport, waited for a delayed flight and all because she has the kindest heart ever.  Words can not express what this meant for our family, and to have these beautiful photos forever.  If you’re looking for a photographer anywhere in the surrounding DC area HIRE THIS WOMAN!

 the happiest little girl ever!

he was not so sure about daddy.  

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