Honor Flight Network: A Great Way to Spend a Weekend

On Sunday I packed my kids up and we went to the National WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.  My wonderful friend Kelly joined us for the day, and snapped some pictures for me while I was helping the kids.  If you’ve never heard of Honor Flight Network, it is a group of people who made it their mission in life that every living WWII Veteran gets the opportunity to visit ‘their’ memorial.  It is THEIR memorial, and Honor Flight makes sure that they are treated as such.  Flights come in from all over with the veterans and their escorts, or Guardians.  On Sunday we received Veterans from Dayton, Ohio.  Among the WWII veterans there were also Korean and Vietnam.  Many groups within the larger Network, accept applications to assist veterans from those campaigns make it out to DC.  My kids were absolutely thrilled with the experience and have already asked me to do again.  Other than my own personal gratification and warmth I receive for doing these sorts of things, knowing that I am actually making a difference; it is the looks on my children’s faces and their requests to do it again that make me want to keep going again and again.  This is a wonderful service opportunity, whether or not you are located in DC.  Make sure to Visit HFN and find out if there is a hub near you. 

Here are some snapshots from the day!
God Bless our Troops
Thank a Vet today

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