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The first of a three-book story arc about the American Revolution, The Redcoats Are Coming follows Patrick and Beth as they assist the revolutionaries by waking up the sleeping citizens of 1775 Concord before the Redcoats come. In this adventure, the cousins meet Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. They help smuggle musket balls, sound the alarm that the Redcoats are coming, and deliver a secret message to Paul Revere. Along the way they learn that most of the revolutionaries leaned on God’s direction and even pastors helped in the cause.

Christian parents and teachers will appreciate the historical facts as well as the biblical worldview training their kids and students will absorb. The kids will appreciate the excitement and tension of an America at war with England, and in some ways, with itself. A curriculum for Christian schools and homeschool families will be available for download at $3.99.

What I Thought:  You don’t even know how excited I was at the opportunity to review an Adventures in Odyssey book.  This is the stuff of my youth, sitting around the radio with my sister listening to Whit and the kid’s have adventures at Whit’s End.  It’s so cool.  This is my children’s first introduction to AIO, and having just purchased some of the CDs for them to listen to, and was excited to see how they responded to the book.  While it is probably a little bit old for my five year old, she still sat and listened and actively engaged when something caught her ear.  My seven year old was definitely engaged and asked when we could read the next chapter.  I love the idea of introducing real, historical adventures to kids, in a way they can plainly understand.  In fact, I even learned a few things that even I hadn’t known. This is a really exciting prospect – introducing history to my kids since both the hubby and I are huge fans.

What is even more awesome is that you can access curriculum that pairs well with the series.  And with a three book series that sounds like it could be something awesome.  I would love to explore the curriculum with my children and go further into the content with them, on a level they can understand.  Having some experience with Focus on the Family and the Adventures in Odyssey radio series and movies, there is no doubt in my mind that these books and accompanying curriculum would be awesome.

You and your children can access all the fun with Whit and the Gang on their website.

Five out of Five Stars

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