Happy New Year! Top Posts for 2013

This has been such an incredible and crazy year – Mr. Air Force traveled a ridiculous ammount, I struggled with depression and anxiety but finally took care of myself.  I learned a lot about me and dealt with a lot of things that had been going on over the years.  My first born went to school (and that was hard).  I started actually writing and growing as a writer.  I went to the White House and attending press conferences and I still can’t believe that.  I met so many amazing people, found a great church and reconnected with people.  This has been the best year of blogging so far and I’m really excited about what 2014 will have in store!  Thank you to everyone that has been a support, inspiration or encouragement whether you knew it or not.

Another blogger I frequently find myself reading is Kathryn over at Singing Through the Rain.  She did a recap, which is apparently a tradition for her, of her most popular posts.  It got me thinking about what my most popular posts were.  So here they are!

Let’s Make a Readiness Folder – Being National Guard (full time for time years) frequently we find ourselves isolated from the greater military population.  It was a really difficult time for me, watching people receive support and not being able to get it for myself or my children.  I came to realize that there are a lot of military folks like me, and not just guard folks.  Sometimes people live far away from base for whatever reason, they might have had a bad experience at a previous post and are hesitant to get involved, maybe their base doesn’t have great family programs, perhaps they are on recruiting duty or on another type of special assignment.  There could be any number of reasons why they have found themselves segregated.  The number one thing everyone should have is a Readiness Folder and so for this post I wanted to go over some of the basics of building one on your own.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2013 – For my post for MilSpouse Appreciation Day it became sort of a rant.  I had seen so many cases of Guard and Reserve spouses being excluded from being honored and from activities commemorating this day…I was just done.  I will probably never stop being silent about this particular topic and have gone on to write about it from many different angles.  Do you know a forgotten milspouse?

Father’s Day Gifts for the Hero in Your Life – This was part of some sponsored content I wrote but it ended up being a lot of fun.  I filled the list with some cool, and unique, items that I had gotten Mr. Air Force over the years.  If you’re looking for something unique items to fulfill some wishlist check out this post.

What’s Next for Joining Forces? – I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of this call along with several other bloggers, the Second Lady and Col. Morales, who is in charge of the Joining Forces program.  It was like his second day on the job and it was exciting to hear about some of his own goals moving forward.  A lot has been accomplished, but there are several categories that I’d personally like to see grow.  I talked about this in my post.

Preparing for A Little One – I participated in a weekly series with the amazing Wifesessionals while she was preparing for her own little one.  It was a really fun link-up and I met some great bloggers.  One of my favorite things about this particular series was meeting moms that were like me.  Sometimes its nice to hear that you’re doing something “right” and that others are doing it too.  This is especially important in the mom world I think.  Two of my posts from this series received some pretty high traffic.

Babyproofing Your Home – I took a unique spin on this
Ms Veteran America – Celebrating the Women Behind the Uniform – This past year I met some amazing women.  They are all committed to celebrating these women that serve.  The Ms. Veteran America pageant does just that, by highlighting women and becoming advocates for Military Sexual Trauma and Female Veteran Homelessness (which is the largest group of homeless veterans).  Meeting these women and getting the change to learn more about these causes and talk about them was really awesome!!
Five Gluten Free Items for the Holidays – I haven’t really talked too much about my switch to Gluten-free.  Myself and my littlest little have trouble with gluten; and while we haven’t been tested it seems to have made a world of difference for the both of us.  Some of it has been tricky, but for the most part the transition has been pretty easy.  A lot of the times our whole family is eating gluten free and no one has thrown a fit.  Even Mr. Air Force has liked some of the substitutes.  My most difficult challenge was the holidays, specifically cookies and pies.  You can’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas without pumpkin or Apple Pie.  So, I did some testing and wrote about it.  You guys seemed to love it and I hope to do more stuff like this in the new year!
New Television Addiction – Hart of Dixie – I also blog for Entertainment New Media Network.  Founded by a fellow milspouse, this has been one of the best experiences and I can not wait for where this will lead me in 2014!  As part of my job I blog about a couple tv shows.  My first was a post about Hart of Dixie.  I linked up my post on ENMN and talked a little bit about how I became addicted to this show (thank you Netflix).  Apparently I was not alone because this post received tons of traffic!!!
and last but not least….
White House Christmas Decorations preview – one of the things I’ve been lucky enough to do as a direct result of living near our Nation’s Capitol, is explore press opportunities.  I now officially have a press pass and am working towards more things along those lines.  I have been blessed with making connections and was invited to attend the press preview (and military family preview) of the Christmas decorations in the White House.  Who doesn’t love to see amazing pictures of the White House all decorated for Christmas.  You guys apparently do!  This was another high traffic post.
Looking back on all the new and wonderful things I’m being blessed with this year, it’s just incredible to see.  Thank you all so much for taking the time to check out my blog whenever you can!
If you blog, do you know what your most popular posts of the year were?  If you don’t blog, did you have a favorite post you read somewhere?

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