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I am very excited to highlight this particular military support organization as it now has a special place in my heart.  Only a couple days ago I announced that I was coming on board as Programs Manager for The General’s Kids.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the organization and work alongside one of the most committed and dedicated military wives, and mother, I know.  Jaqueline to me, was just the blogger of a wounded solider.  And when I say just, I don’t mean just by any stretch of the imagination.  With two very small children, that was no small feat.  It was out of the struggle they experienced that this organization was borne, and it is quickly growing to accomplish some amazing things.

The General’s Kids, L.L.C. was designed for our nation’s little warriors. Whether they are infants or teenagers, facing the life-changing injury or illness of a parent leaves a lasting impression. There are so many wonderful organizations out there that benefit wounded warriors and their families, and children often benefit from these. But at The General’s Kids we are proud to focus 100% on the children and young siblings of the wounded, ill, and injured. We can help connect children and teenagers of various ages with others across the country who are going through similar struggles, provide sponsors who will send encouraging cards or care packages, and will soon be able to offer financial assistance for things like special interests or school funding. Children living the Wounded Warrior life are faced with a harsh sense of reality. We intend to help bring back some of the things that help comfort and lighten these kids’ hearts. Our goals are big and extend all the way up to wanting to fund Disney vacations and college scholarships. Our belief is that whether there are 10,000 wounded warrior kids or just one, each and every one is a priority and deserves to have their sacrifice for our freedom acknowledged.

I have seen The General’s Kids provide hand-made crochet/knit blankets, or small stuffed bears to children at Walter-Reed, which I in particular love.  Often times these children are coming here very quickly and without the ability to pack up every little thing.  Having something special given to them, even if they don’t fully understand can be so beneficial.  Frequently our facebook page will put a call out for items for children that are coming to Walter Reed, like portable dvd players, small toys, video games or board games.

school supplies for little warriors
One of my favorite stories from The General’s Kids is the story of a little girl named Isabelle, who asked for gift cards for her birthday and gave them all to be donated to little warriors at Walter Reed Medical Center!  It’s stories like this that make me want to be a part of this organization.  Something as simple as this can make the day of a child whose life has been turned upside down.
At The General’s Kids they are so many ways you can give back – We have a sponsorship program, a pen pal program, care packages and just simply donating…even spreading the word is so helpful.  We don’t discriminate here at The General’s Kids…it doesn’t matter what branch of service, or military status (active/guard), or the type of injury.  Even if the child’s parent has returned to active duty, the pen-pal program would still be very beneficial to the child.  But we need your help to make sure we can help as many little warriors as possible.  Please check out our programs page and the FAQs for more information on all the programs.
Take a minute to like The General’s Kids on facebook, share the page with as many people as you can!  Share the website as well!  If you are an organization that is looking to sponsor, or give back and wants to partner with us, we would be so honored and blessed to have that help!  I know I have a lot of crochet and knitting type friends too…whip up a blanket and we’ll make sure it gets to someone in need.

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