Happies and Crappies, week 55

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

So, it’s time to be real…..life happens sometimes and it is what it is.  I had pre-written this Happies and Crappies as I was preparing to leave for my first ever blogging conference in LA.  Alas, DC/NoVA got dumped on by a ridiculous amount of snow, shutting down airports and making it impossible for me to go.  I cancelled my flight and today when I heard flights were coming in I was just a little sad that maybe I should have waited and only been one day late.  Who knows what would have happened and I can’t go back and change it now.  I’m the queen of what ifs.  So, here we are with my Happies and Crappies that should have been.  I’m not in LA and I’m here on Valentine’s Day without my hubby and I’m sad.  This morning we all went to breakfast at Bob Evan’s, my favorite place from my childhood.  It was my sweet and darling husband’s attempt at making me feel better.  Yesterday I was a wreck.  It was so ridiculous.  I was crying, I was angry and sad.  Frustration to the nth degree.  I decided to leave my original post up, but just to include this little intro.  This is real, this life, and this is what happens when you’re just living.

Welcome to happies and crappies, with The Vintage Modern Wife and Brunch with Amber!  There are so many times I forget to link up with these ladies, and every time I do I love love love it!!  If you haven’t followed either one of these ladies you definitely should.  So, lets get down to business!


 1. I am in freaking LA!!!  Happy happy happy for me!!  I am here for Entertainment New Media Network’s very first conference and I am just beside myself with happiness.

2. Tomorrow I am seeing one of my very bestest friends that I haven’t seen in almost five years.  She’s a fellow milspouse, although her hubby is no longer in.  She fits into a unique category of friendship. We don’t actually ever hang out in person because an entire country separates us.  We haven’t even spent a lot of time together in person; but she has possibly been there for me more than anyone I know.  During some really horrible times in my life she has been there, and I can’t even explain it.  So I am beside myself with more happiness!!!


1. I missed Valentine’s Day with the hubby.  Even though that isn’t  too much of a surprise.  I really can’t remember the last time we did anything special for Valentine’s Day because he’s frequently not around on this day.  He’s been so amazing though, making sure I get to go to this….I mean, without him (and some amazing sponsors) I wouldn’t be going.  So I guess this is happy and crappy.

2. no heart-shaped pancakes with my kiddos.  I love doing this with them on Valentine’s Day!  But my oldest and I sat down and got all his Valentine’s ready before I left so that was good.

3. I miss my friends and family.  It comes in waves and this last week or two has been quite a wave of missing.  The time difference + busy lives = never having time to catch up.  I really didn’t think it would be this hard, and while some things like the amazing Voxer app have made it okay, it’s really hard.  I feel like I’m always apologizing or making excused when that’s not me.  I’m not like that…I’m the caller and the texter and the mail letter-er.  I have an organizer and lists…I’m always early!!  Its not in my nature and its driving me crazy.  While living two hours away from everyone at our last duty station was hard, I didn’t realize how lucky had it.

make sure to swing by one of the hosts, link up your own posts, or just read the post from another blog.  I love link-ups, and even if I run out of town to make my own post its the best way to find some other cool blogs to read.
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