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One of the things I love about blogging is getting to meet really awesome people, and then talk about them.  I met Fred right after I had moved into town.  It was my very first blogging conference, and whether he knows it or not he sort of came to my “virtual” rescue and offered some moral support.  Then I stumbled upon him again at a military related seminar…..and once more at an Operation Homefront event.  Yeah, he’s everywhere.  One of these days I’m going to let him hire me.  Anyway, Fred is the CEO and founder of ScoutComms

ScoutComms provides strategic and unique assistance in the world of aerospace, defense and veterans sectors.  The list is incredibly long of the really cool things that they offer to their clients.  Services provided include media relations specifically targeted to increase outreach to exactly those that need it, Thought Leadership Support, consulting and guidance on veteran focused corporate giving programs and so much more.  ScoutComms specializes in something called ‘Precision Public Relations’, spending the time to find the right journalist, media outlet or partner for their client.  Who better to provide this large list of services then veterans and those that have spent years working closely with, and supporting, them.

Recently ScoutComms underwent a change.  It was a slight change that largely went under the radar, which is indicative of what I appreciate about how this organization runs themselves.  ScoutComms is now a registered B-corporation, or Benefit Corporation.  They are the first in the Nation to focus specifically on veterans and military family issues. They’ve taken on the mantle of not only providing services in a unique way, but blending it with advocacy and support. 

We’re one of the first social enterprises focused on veterans’ issues, but as the movement grows, we certainly hope to not be the last. As a social enterprise, we’re approaching our mission in much the same way we always have: through creating and implementing communications and philanthropic strategies for our clients and the veterans’ organizations we support. For our current clients, nothing will change in the way we provide a personal, precision consulting experience, and we hope this evolution opens the doors to future clients who share our vision that doing business and doing good are not mutually exclusive.

ScoutComms also has a blog, and something they call The Scout Report, a newsletter of sorts.  If you are a veteran, a milspouse, military-connected person or just concerned about veteran/military issues you should subscribe to this.  You can catch up on all the past issues of The Scout Report here.  It is very exciting to see this happen from the beginning, and I have absolutely no doubt that ScoutComms will accomplish great things moving forward.

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