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Save the Children Campaign: Social Good Moms

For many of us here in the United States there is never a thought given to our pre-natal care.  I know I never have.  I am blessed with great health care and everything that I could need or want.  When I give birth there are many options available to me.  I am not shy about the fact that I had three medicated births.  My middle child was induced.  With the guidance of my doctor I was able to make those decisions, and they worked for us.  My first birth experience was a really traumatic one, and I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for the gift of medical knowledge my life, or Brian’s would have been in some serious trouble.  And while mentally I was almost just as traumatized by the horrible bedside manner of the on-call doctor, we were taken care of.  With my third child I had tested positive for Strep B.  We went to the hospital and I was hooked up to an iv and my child was protected.  There are thousands and thousands of women who don’t have the options that I have, or the safety that I was provided.  
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Since the early 1930’s Save the Children has been dedicated to ensuring that children get the best start in life as possible.  Over the years it has grown to assist children all over the US and worldwide.  In 2014 Save the Children has created a report dedicated to ending newborn deaths.  The research performed for the report has indicated some startling things.  Half of first day deaths occur around the world could be avoided with skilled midwives and proper health-care.  On top of that, 1.2 million babies are stillborn each year due to childbirth complications, infections and hypertension.  The organization has called on world leaders to commit to The Five Point Newborn Promise.  The focus for this year is to ensure that there are enough trained, and well-equipped, health care workers, as well as removing fees for the services.  While statistics concerning infant mortality have steadily improved, there is more that can be done.

Here are the five promises:
1. Issue a defining and accountable declaration to end all preventable newborn mortality
2. ensure that by 2025 every birth is attended by trained and equipped health workers 
3. increase expenditure on health to at least the WHO minimum of US$60 per person.
4. to pay for the training, equipping and support of health workers, and remove user fees for all maternal, newborn and child health services (including emergency ob care)
5. the private sector should help address unmet needs by developing innovative solutions and increasing availability of products 

The full report is available on the Save the Children website, as well as information about advocay and what you can do to help!  please take the time to check those out, and lets make sure the #firstday is the best day for every baby.
*This post is part of The Moms for Global Good campaign that I have recently become a part of.  I am thrilled to be joining 200 other mom bloggers out there, talking about social good on a global level!*

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