Sunday Social, Week 88 – Movies and TV

This week I’m preparing for Entertainment New Media Network’s Conference in Anaheim.  It’s going to be an amazing week, an intense learning experience, but an awesome one.  I can’t wait to share all the details with you all.  Make sure you are following along on my instagram and twitter, as well as with the hashtag #ENMNCon14.

Lets get on with the fun!

This week’s topic is all about TV and Movies. They were tough ones, but good.  I’m excited to read everyone’s ideas.  I always get the best ideas from all the blogs I read, whether it be music or tv, clothes, make-up.  That’s one of the reasons I love blogging.

1. What is your favorite thing to watch on Girl’s Night?

Definitely a chick flick – and it doesn’t matter what kind.  I’m all sappy love stories, romantic comedies…or Magic Mike, which kinda doesn’t fit into a category now does it.  Seriously just can’t believe I admitted that on my blog.  Yes, I watched it.  Oiy!!

2. What is Your Favorite Thing to Watch on Your Day Off?

Lets see, usually whatever I happen to be binge watching on Netflix.  Right now I’m watching Dallas, Vampire Diaries, Wings and One Tree Hill.  It rotates so that I don’t get too sick of one show.  Usually when the kids are napping, or playing solo I’ll sneak away to my room to get some blogging work done and watch a couple shows.  When hubbies around on his day off we watch Seinfeld or Fraiser.

3. What is your favorite thing to watch when you’re sick?

Most of the time I stick with the above, unless its really plot heavy.  Then I’ll put on something fun,or something I know well.  Usually that means New Girl, Gilmore Girls, Psych (I watched that the last time I was sick).  Or maybe I would put on a good old black and white movie – an Alfred Hitchcock or something like that.

4. What was the last movie you saw in Theater?

Actually this past week we took the kids to see The Nut Job (with Will Arnett,  Brendan Fraiser and Liam Niesson as voices).  It was pretty darn cute, and the kids like it.

5. What are your Top 3 favorite Movies or TV shows?

Gosh darnit, there is always a ridiculously hard question involved in these link-ups isn’t there.  This is so hard, how am I supposed to pick?!  The list would be a million miles long for sure, but who has the time for that.  So I’ll do the best I can here.

Movies: 1) While You Were Sleeping 2) Sleepless in Seattle 3) Alfred Hitchcock movies – they can count as one last one right? a) The Lady Vanishes b) Rope c) Shadow of a Doubt

TV: 1) Gilmore Girls 2) Law and Order (the original) and 3) Monk

Man that was hard!!!!

Looking forward to reading people’s responses and following some new blogs!

If you are following for the first time, make sure to let me know.  I love hearing from you.

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  1. I am right there with you on your top 3 TV picks! (Although I've never watched Monk so I would substitute another great USA show, Psych.) Enjoy your comment love today! #SITS

  2. Love netflix….didn't know that Magic Mike was on there. Haven't seen it yet, but I have heard so many good things. We tend to binge watch the old tv shows, our favorite currently being Breaking Bad! Shaunna @Tempting Thyme

  3. Social Sunday is a great idea! Such a fun way to get to know one another. I am looking forward to taking my own kids to see The Nut Job, it is all I hear about, LOL

  4. Stopping in from your SITS comment tribes. My 3 favorite movies would have to be It's a Wonderful Life, The Godfather Part 2 and All About Eve. (I had a hard time coming up with #3) I've seen a lot of movies, but it's hard to say one of them is the best.

  5. I didn't know Magic Mike was on Netflix either. That's been on my "to watch" list for ever.
    1. I love romantic comedies too. But, its been a while since I've had a girls night.
    2-3. I don't watch much TV by myself, so it is usually whatever my husband or family decides to watch.
    4. Lego Movie. The Nut Job was the one before that.
    5. TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, & Last Man Standing

    I love this link up. I'll have to remember to stop by next Sunday! New follower via #SITSBlogging

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