FUNkins – Reusable Napkins that are super FUN!

I would like to extend my gratitude to Funkins for sponsoring this post. 

As the mom of school age children, trying to make lunch exciting every day could send even the most creative mom into a tail spin.  Next year, when my daughter starts school I plan on venturing into the world of Bento Boxes.  That should be fun right?  Not only do I like to be fun, but being green doesn’t hurt either.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a “crunchy” mom, but I cloth diaper, we recycle and try to be conscious.  Most of everything I use in my son’s lunch is in reusable tupperware.  But one thing I haven’t thought about was cloth napkins!  We use them at home, so why not in the lunchbox?!  It’s just another way to have fun with the kids in the kitchen.  I love the concept, and its a fun and easy way to teach kids about reusing items.  It’s more than a napkin though, its like a little mini-table cloth, keeping their food off those lunch tables.

How can you use Funkins?


  • In a lunch box
  • As a napkin or a placemat
  • Cupcake or cookie decorating stations for school parties – replace those throwaway table cloths
  • At restaurants or on airplanes
  • To wrap around freezies, popsicles and ice cream cones
  • At the office
  • As a party favor
  • As a burp cloth
  • As a hostess gift
  • As a Teacher’s gift
  • Baby blankets for dollies
  • To brighten your festive holiday table
  • At theme parks
  • Tie one to your purse, diaper bag or backpack – looks fun and great for easy use

The founder of Funkins, a mom of three, created Funkins out of necessity.  In an effort to help her children’s school create a low-waste lunch time, she aimed to find herself some kid-friendly cloth napkins.  None could be found.  Out of that Funkins was born.

Today Funkins is so much more than reusable napkins.  You can find Art Smocks, Art Aprons for both adults and children, insulated/machine washable lunch bags and wet bags (Hello Cloth Diapering fans!!).

Pink Butterflies

Funkins makes all these items in cute and super kid friendly patterns!  The napkins are soft and a great size (13×15).  There are so many patterns to choose from, tons of pages, it was hard to narrow down.  They even have a camouflage/military themed napkin! Funkins are reasonable priced at $10.00 each.  If you think about how much waste is made, and how much money is spent on reusable items like napkins its a steal.  It’s truly so easy being green!



You can follow Funkins on social media to learn more, find out about deals and giveaways!
Funkins also has a great Pinterest page.  They have great tips for green living, fun recipes and even creative school lunch ideas (I need those!!)
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