Sunday Social 100!!!!!

I couldn’t miss my favorite link-in turning 100 weeks old!  Wow!  100 Sunday Socials.  I haven’t been there since the beginning, but I’ve done a lot of them.  I’ve found some of my favorite blogs (including Ashely, from Ashley Lately) by doing this link-up; so please please make sure that even if you don’t create your own “Sunday Social” find some great blogs that are new to you.  After all, isn’t that what this is all about?!

1. Who do you call when you need to vent?

I have so many people that I can turn to.  A whole slew of besties that I know I could turn to if I needed it.  I’m so very very lucky.  Plus my mom and my dearest hubby. 

Anyone in need of any kind of help can talk to me! I'm right here for all support!! Please girls be strong! You are all pretty beautiful angels! Trust yourself!! :) 
2. Where do you go when you need alone time?
I like to be in my room alone…shut the world out in my nice comfy bed.  I also really like to go to the local coffee shop and sit.  I can get my work done and people watch.  The library is also fun…..oh man.  Truthfully though my greatest alone time lately has been spent grocery shopping all by myself.  I’m totally a mom.
3. what is your favorite thing to do alone?
Read!  Oh man! Read read read!!!!!  The occasionally clothes shopping is also up there.
4. What is something we should all stop and read right now? 
If you’ve not read anything by Jane Austen…stop whatever you’re doing and read one now.  Personally I think a good introduction is Emma or Pride and Prejudice ( and make sure to watch the BBC versions).  Right now I’m reading the Maggie O’Dell series (Alex Kava), and if you like crime, mystery, FBI type books (think Women’s Murder Club” and Alex Cross).  I also read Beautiful Creatures (and watched the movie).  I really liked it.  It’s much more thought provoking and intellectual then say like a Twilight.  It’s not the easiest of reads, but I think it didn’t get as much credit as it probably deserved.
5. Who do you wish read your blog that doesn’t already?
I wouldn’t mind if the hubby read it more.  I know that he has occasionally looked at, but it might be nice to hear about it.  ~No pressure Mr. Air Force~  Honestly my dream would be to have someone read my stuff and that it really helps them, whether it be my Military Monday or Military Support Services posts that really helps someone or catches someone’s attention.  That would be amazing!!
Have a great Sunday from this recently turned 31 Year Old!!!

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