New Beginnings – She’s a Big Girl Now!

New Beginnings, is a good way to look at complete and utter, totally overly-dramatic sadness.  But seriously, I sent my little girl off to school.  I sent her out into the world, all day, without me. sigh. She was so excited and so ready to begin this exciting adventure.  My older son has been the sweetest ever, excitedly filling her in on what to expect and offering to walk her to her class this morning all by himself.

 she wants to be a baby doctor….I love that

She picked out her outfit and woke up even before my alarm went off.  She came home excited and told me everything with the sweetest look on her face.  Little did she know, only a couple hours before I was bawling my eyes out in the shower. oiy!!!

She was ready, and I know that; but that doesn’t mean I was.  No, not by any stretch of the imagination was I ready for this.  I wasted away my summer, ignoring what was coming.  My baby was going to Kindergarten.  When my oldest went to school I was sad, really sad.  I remember crying, but this was different.  I’m one step closer to being done.  And while I realize that I still have like three more years before all of them are in school that doesn’t mean I’m able to shove those thoughts out of my head.  On any given day I would characterize myself as an emotional person.  I usually wear them on my sleeve and don’t attempt to hid them.  Age has only slightly improved that.  One of my more popular posts is “How Do You Know?” where I lament over the fact that I realize that we are done but I don’t feel it.  This undoubtedly is one of the reasons while sending my little girl off to school has been so difficult.

The best big brother in the whole world.  I’m a lucky momma!

New Beginnings is what I titled this post, mostly because it fits in with the theme of Blogger Challenge 2014.  Its a chance to new beginnings though isn’t it?  Simple days with my littlest guy, exploring and learning.  Taking naps with him and getting in all those snuggles that he so loves to give. This time is a gift, and I intend to make the most of it.

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