Halloween and Motherhood

You ever have one of those holidays where try as you might things are just off. You have a great time and the kids seem to be happy but your little mom dreams of perfection are dashed in an instant. First off, it serves me right for having one of those “Pottery Barn Kids” dreams. You know the kind. Everyone is perfectly dressed, smiling and organized for the one picture that will end up in the scrapbook or facebook. You think that somehow that picture is the memory and you want it so desperately? Yeah, that was me. It was the craziest of days. My parents had been here for almost two weeks at that point, I had to figure out two birthdays and Halloween. I know the kids don’t care, but for some crazy reason I do. I mean seriously, its so ridiculous. Please tell me I’m not alone in this? I mean, look at them. They are so happy, and had a wonderful time. Me on the other hand I let it drive me crazy. We never went to the pumpkin patch (sickness plagued us), we got our pumpkins on the 30th at like 8pm.

But yet, in spite of my crazy my children were happy and had fun. We were blessed with wonderful friends, and lucky enough to have our family here to spend the time with us. Yet, there I was being crazy mom, wanting everything to be perfect and look perfect. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy as mother. We compete against each other, what we think we should be, say and do. But yet, our own insecurities and self-doubt wage the strongest war against us.

All I have to do is look at my children, and remind myself that they are happy and that is truly all that matters.

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