10 Books for MilSpouses {during deployment or anytime}

Books have always been my escape in life. Its relaxing, comforting, educational and I love it. During hard times in my life as a military spouse I’ve turned to books, both military related and not military related. These are some of my favorite military related books to read while the hubby is gone, or just when I need a milspouse pick me up.

1.  Right Side Up -Right Side Up by the awesomely cool Judy Davis is such a great book, and I can not say it enough. Judy is a fellow blogger and downright inspirational lady. Judy’s goal in writing the books was to provide motivation and encouragement so that milspouses view the life of a military life as an opportunity, not a burden. Judy’s book is the perfect gift for yourself or a new milspouse.

3. The Power of a Praying Wife: Military Edition – This is simply the military edition of Stormie Omartian’s book, “The Power of a Praying Wife.” Stormie Omartian’s nephew is a service member and this book was made available to chaplains across the services and can usually be found through them. It is a wonderful encouragement for wives, especially for those like myself who love direction and advice for prayers when it comes to my marriage and my husband. The Power of a Praying Husband is also available.

4. Faith Deployed…Again – This is the second in this series (Faith Deployed). These books are filled with wonderful stories of faith and encouragement from military spouses across the branches. I just happened to be a little partial to this one because one of my amazing friends is one of the authors. What is so wonderful about a book like this is you can pick it up and read it for hours, or choose one or two stories for a quick encouragement.

5. Psalm 51: Military Edition – Peggy Joyce Ruth has a whole series of Psalm 51 books, including Motherhood and Teen Editions. Along with the specific text of Psalm 51 there are encouraging words from Military personnel. While not specifically for the military spouse it is a great read and makes a great bible study, especially during a deployment.

6. Olive Drab Pom Poms – Kori Yates is the author of this motivational milspouse books from a Christian perspective. Military spouses spend a good chunk of our lives being cheerleaders for our families, sometimes with our Olive Drab {or Air Force Blue for me} pom poms. Finding our place in this crazy military life can be difficulty at times, and I know for me personally, my faith has played a huge role in getting me through some of the most difficult times.

7. Confessions of a Military Spouse – from the awesomely cool Mollie Gross comes this real, and almost certainly hilarious, view of milspouse life. How do we deal with life, all the twist and turns and ridiculousness of this life? The true confessions in this book will attempt to answer those questions and will probably have you rolling on the floor in no time.

8. The New Testament for Military Spouses – Along the same lines as the Psalm 51 book, but specifically for military spouses. It includes devotionals meant just for us, written by military spouses that have been there.

9. American Wife – There isn’t much introduction needed for this book by Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle. But its included in this life for a very good reason. It is a story we are all familiar with, but the book is about so much more. Its about a life we, as military spouses, can all relate to. It touches on our worst fears and our best moments. I still can’t get over how emotional it was to meet her and to hear her speak. This book is a really intense extension of that. You can read about my experience here.

10. The Five Love Language: Military Edition – Another special edition of book, written just for military families. The stories is this book are real and, at times, intense. I was curious how well this book would be written, but the authors did their homework. The books takes the principals and advice for the original and adds a military twist. I’m currently working through this book more carefully then my original review read through and I can’t wait to update ya’ll on how it goes.

This is a great start for all you amazing military spouses out there! Deployment and separations suck! Even the day to day of military life has its struggles. But I know for me I’ve always found encouragement in the stories of others who have walked before me, or who are walking right along with me. It is that comraderie, either in person or in the pages of book that is true diamond in the rough of military life. Stay tuned for more lists like this.

do you have an awesome military book that provided some encouragement to you? Tell me about it!
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