22 A Day Is 22 Too Many #Powerof1

All it takes is one person to make a difference. One person to stop and say “Enough is enough.” During the month of September the Department of Veterans is challenging everyone through the ‘Power of 1’ Campaign. Through this campaign they hope to get across the message that one act can encourage a Veteran, a service member and their families. By supporting them and encouraging the use of resources like The Veterans Crisis Line, one person can make the difference in the life of someone who might be struggling.

What is The Veterans Crisis Line? It is a free, confidential crisis resource that can be accessed by service members, their families and their friends 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Don’t be afraid to be the one that makes a move when you or someone you know is in crisis. Do not let fear or worry about what happens next stop you from getting help for yourself or someone you know.

If you, or someone you know exhibits the following signs don’t hesistate to act:

1. Thinking about hurting or killing yourself
2. Talking about death or dying
3. Self-destructive behaviors – drug abuse, alcohol, weapons

We must stand up for change! Demand change from those in power, and be the example of change for those around us. There is no tiime to waste and we can’t afford to sit around and not take action. Life is too precious and valuable for that.

Share the #PowerOf1 with as many people as possible and join us on social media with the hashtag
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