A Christmas Recap – In Sickness and In Health

Adjusting to a Christmas alone is rough. And I realize that I’m not alone alone, and for that I’m grateful. But when you are used to have lots of family around and a busy, crazy house, having only five people around can seem so quiet. All those years of bouncing between my parents and my in-laws was just storing up for the long winter, aka: Christmases without them. It has been magical in its own right. We are a little family, doing our own traditions and having Christmas our own way. I both love it and hate it. Another big thing for Christmas this year is that my two oldest know the truth about Santa. You can read all about our “truth” of Christmas here. They were, however, very excited about making sure the magic continue. We went into the week of Christmas ready and excited, seeing that our baby Jesus’ were’t in their mangers, watching gifts from our family come in and wrapping. We picked out our Happy Birthday Jesus cake mix and frosting, decorated cookies and I took the littles for their first “shopping for their siblings” shopping trips. We even started a new tradition of donuts and hot chocolate at Krispy Kreme on Christmas Eve day! Quickly though the sickness swept through the house – me with strep throat, the littlest little with some sort of virus and colds all around! Although it put a slight damper on our holiday spirit we still had a magical Christmas. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

May you have many blessings into the new year! From our family to yours ~

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!!!

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