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I really can’t believe that January is half-way done. Why must time fly so fast? I feel like when I was kid..even when we were first married without kids, that time went by much slower. And now that I want it to slow down it feels faster than ever. What is that about?! I was looking through some of my past posts and was noticing all the love and I wanted to look back over the last year and some of my favorite posts, and the ones that have been really popular. Getting sappy a little bit here, but I just want to thank all of you for reading my words and making it what it is. It is something that I really enjoy doing and its just such a blessing.

So lets look back at some of my favorite posts!!

1. Halloween Care Package with kids – having just completed a deployment, we of course had to work on a care package or two. This one was really fun for the kids, and we wanted to also bless the mates of my hubby and threw in a couple fun things for them. We included treats and Halloween decorations.
I loved writing this post because I was able to share with you all what books have really blessed
my life as a Military Spouse. Its not always easy, but gaining comfort from the stories of others is 
really what gets you through the rough times. This list will only continue to grow; and if you have books to add I’d love to hear about them!!
This was part of a sponsored post series I did, and I loved doing it because finding ways to thank Veterans is so important to our family. I loved sharing ways that we have taken time out to thank them, and ways that we have been blessed by others thanking us! This was my most popular post of the year!!!
A guest post from milspouse and bloggy pal, Rebecca, from What Rebecca Thinks!
You guys loved this post, and so did I! Sometimes you just need a little dose of real, and Rebecca gives it us here. Make sure to take the time to check out her blog. You won’t be sorry.
This was a little trip I took with the kiddos once while Mr. Air Force was off doing his thing.
It was such a beautiful little town and I really really want to go back!
I was really excited about partnering with Lifelock last year to talk about identity theft. 
It was really great and I learned a couple things. This was a really popular post packed with great stuff so share this!!!!!!
Thanks for giving so much love to these posts, making them some of my favorites of last year!

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