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The year is definitely underway, and I really can’t believe it is the middle of February! I’m excited though because this month I am kicking off a really fun partnership with Body by Ginny. In general my relationship with my body has been an interesting one; but probably not unlike many women out there. I’ve gone through times where I loved it, hated it, and felt indifferent. I’ve been a gym girl {prepping for my wedding and post-partum baby number 1}, P90x-er and Herbalife. I became a runner when we moved to the DC area, thanks to my neighbor. Motivating myself to work out has never really been an issue. I plan, I journal, I organize myself and I can stick with the program. But losing weight is still a challenge. Thanks why I’m thankful for the opportunity to check out Ginny and her program, keep you guys posted on the progress and hopefully be someone’s inspiration. It’s truly a blessing for me; and if just one person is inspired by it then I will be thrilled.

So who is Ginny? Ginny is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has partnered with her team to bring health and wellness programs to the Alexandria and McLean area for over 10 years! If you visit Ginny’s website you will find Class information, Nutritional Health, sign-ups to participate in challenges, blog links with recipes and advice and work-outs! Yes, Ginny even has some free workouts on her site. I have to tell you that this is a huge selling point for me. You can get a little taste of what Ginny has to offer, and she gives it to you for free. I love that!

Ginny is preparing to launch her Total Wellness Challenge {TWC} here in a week and I’m here to encourage you to check it out. If you are looking for something like this that is local to the DC area this is your opportunity. We’ve all seen the pure online challenges, and those are great, but if you live in the Alexandria/McLean area this is your opportunity to have a challenge connected to someone that is close to you, and a community that is right here. For someone like myself, this particular part of the Challenge makes all the difference. 
The TWC is a 30 day challenge, with a fun twist. Part of the challenge includes posting daily reflections. By doing so you get lifestyle points. More posting, more points! Its going to be so fun. For first-time challenge folks you pay $39 and you receive food lists, meal plans, recipes, exercise ideas, home workouts and printables. Thirty-nine dollars for all of that, and you aren’t required to by any type of food, or shakes, or additional workout programs on top of that. Another check in the win column for Ginny and her crew. Sign up for the challenge, and learn more, here.
Make sure you are following me over on Instagram and with the hashtag #RCgetsfit to keep up on my progress and my thoughts throughout the program. 
Connect with Ginny and the gang over at BbG Fitness

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of TWC. However, all opinions are my own. Another example: I received a complimentary service from TWC. However, no other compensation received.

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