Dia&Co {My First Box}

When I first heard about getting a box of clothing, styled for you, delivered straight to your door I couldn’t tell you how excited I was. I feel like I’ve reached a point in my life where I am almost 100% confident who I am. Contentment, which had a whole post of its own last week, plays a large roll in my current frame of mind. I’m trying to love my body for where it is right now. All the Paleo eating, P90X doing, shake drinking, 5K running in all the world couldn’t give me what I really want. And that is contentment. I have goals for myself, but our life up until recently hasn’t really been conducive to goal-setting. One thing I have decided to do is to invest in clothing that makes me feel good, that is made well and is nice. Don’t get me wrong, deal shopping at Target and Old Navy are still high on my list; but having a few pieces of quality are something that is really important to me. Years and years of not wanting to buy myself something nice because I didn’t feel like I deserved it; or maybe I should wait until….until I get into this size, lose this amount of weight or whatever the case may be.

My first attempt to do that was met with frustrations. I’m what you call “Plus Size,” larger than a size 10. Plain and simple. I’m also curvy. This poses a problem, and I was met with a resounding “Sorry, we don’t carry those sizes.” Bummer man!! And then a friend of mine introduced me to the amazing Dia & Co. Everything that I was looking for. I filled out a profile, I connected my Pinterest and Instagram, told them I wanted to try new things, gain classic items and have fun. My stylist was so amazing and clearly delivered; sending me great pieces in the prices I wanted.

This top presented my biggest conundrum.  I loved it, but something about it wasn’t quite right. I wanted to love it and to keep it, but I didn’t LOOOVVEEE it. The idea of it I think was what I loved. The frilly, flowered part combined with something more traditional. I ended up sending this on back still unsure that I made the right decision.

This dress I was so flowy and soft; but the fit was slightly off. I’m curvy up top but I have small and narrow shoulders comparatively. It’s always been an issue with certain clothes, this being one of them.

Both of these items were my top picks in my box. The pants were like butter and fit me so perfectly! I have, however, just literally bought a pair just like it and couldn’t justify keeping it. The turquoise top was what I kept. It was feminine and flowy, without making me feel big. Perfection!!

I’m already anxiously awaiting my second box, and I can’t believe I have to wait two more weeks! It’s killing me!!!

If you are a “plus size” gal and interested in a service like this I’m completely recommend Dia & Co. For $20 you get a completely personalized, styled just for you box, and you get to put that $20 towards any piece of clothing. You get a great discount if you purchase everything in the box. Anytime you want to change what you get in your box you can.  Maybe you are trying to find a specific piece and decide you want just dresses sent to you. You can do that too!

click the link to check it out!!

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