My Military Man Smells Legendary….Does Yours? {Sponsored by Old Spice}

I’m one lucky girl, this I know. My man is one hardworking dude, traveling all the time and then coming home to us. As a military spouse I’ve learned to take care of a lot of things myself – I’ve put together bunk beds and various other items of furniture, made repairs and put oil in the car. But as much as I’d like to say that I can do all and be all, its just not true. That’s why I’m so thankful I’ve got one of the hardest working men in my house! And my hardest working man deserves a legendary smell. You know what I’m talking about ladies…especially my fellow millies….you know you do it…after a little while of them being gone. You sneak into their closet and bury your nose in their clothes don’t you ? You wear their sweatshirt when you’re snuggled up alone in bed. And, I have a slight confession to make. Mr. Air Force knows that I love his smell so much when he’s deployed he sends me one of his shirts in a double plastic bag. Yup, that happened.

We both loved what came in the package and were surprised to learn of Old Spice’s partnership with Tough Mudder. I can’t think of anything more perfect for a Legendary man than participating in a Tough Mudder. Old Spice might just have been known for his classic smell, but it will be remembered for its kick butt odor blocking and dirt-destroying technology!  Combine the hardest working collection with the legendary smell of Old Spice and you’ve got magic. {At least in my book} The smell of the bodywash is amazing, and he definitely passed my #smellegendary test.

 see what happens when you use Old Spice? You can ride onthe back whales?!

Mr. Air Force, might not be giving tours on the back of a giant whale, but he works so hard providing for our family and doing his part to keep our country safe. And I couldn’t be prouder. So, that’s kind of like riding on the back of a whale right? If your man is riding on the back of whales, juggling tools, or just wrestling on the floor with your kiddos, take the Old Spice Smellegendary challenge with me!

Old Spice’s #Smellegendary line of products is just what you are looking for, and would make an amazing gift for your Legendary man’s birthday or Father’s Day. Go out and snatch some up for your man with one of these coupons, or stay tuned for an amazing giveaway next week!!

You’ll have a chance to win your very old Old Spice Hardest Working Collection toolkit! 

And just because I love all my readers I’m going to make sure you’ve seen the 1-800-ProveIt Infomercials! You’re welcome…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Old Spice (P&G). The opinions and text are all mine.

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