5 Easy Party Ideas From Pinterest for Fourth of July

You know what happens….you go on Pinterest and five hours later you have gone so far down the rabbit hole and pinned just shy of fifty-thousand party ideas. After you’ve recovered from your “Pin-crazy haze’ you set out to planned the most amazing party ever. Something that you could hire a professional photographer for and build your blog around. I mean, I know I’ve been there. But before the days of Pinterest I was a party planner at heart. Real parties, where things are fun, coordinate, and maybe a couple things with a little flare but you had fun. Your ideas came to you, and you figured it out. Nowadays I think people get caught up in the Pinterest craze and drive themselves crazy, setting unrealistic expectations for themselves and don’t enjoy the fun of the crafting! So I found some really fun pins that are don’t have a ton of drama in the creation, but give you a great pay-off! And its perfect for last minute party preppers like myself. Follow my Pinterest account for more easy holiday pins.

Have A Great Fourth!!!

1. Patriotic 7-Layer Dip from Elephant and Chic
Elephant and Chic has such fun stuff and it’s a really cute blog. I mean, four sisters who are adorable and blog! Follow them. I picked this particular pin-worthy post because it helps you create a decoration and a dish to eat. It’s great, its super easy and doesn’t take some sort of crazy crafty skill. 

2. Patriotic Printables – So many good, free printables out there. I usually print one or two out for holidays on regular printer paper and stick them in one of the frames I already have up in my home. It just shakes things up and adds a pop of something with very little work. You could really do it up and have it printed out somewhere on cardstock, or even as a picture.

Military Patriotic Printable from Creative Simplicity
Free Printables for Military Families; In This House, We Do. For Navy, Army, Air Force & Marines. trishsutton.com

Pledge of Allegiance Printable from On Sutton Place
Super Cute Floral Patriotic Printable from LollyJane
Make sure you look around their site! There is so much great stuff!
FREE Printable floral USA art |via lollyjane.com
3. Easy Decorations from the Budget Decorator
The Budget Decorator is a blog after my own heart, and has so many great and fun things to help you get ready for the Fourth of July! All of these are really easy simple things you do, supplies you can find at your local dollar store or wal-mart and super budget friendly. 
4. Fourth of July Sugar Cookies and So Much More!! 
Our Best Bites has a whole post of pin-worthy party ideas for the Fourth of July, ranging from super duper simple, to a little more work. But none of the ideas are crazy, which is why I love their blog. Its all about making things easy and fun! Love it!! These square sugar cookies are my favorites.
Easy American Flag Cookies from Our Best Bitess

5. The Concrete Cottage Blog for the win!! Patriotic Lawn Stars – Okay, so this has been all over Pinterest this year and I absolutely love it!! As long as you’re okay with having to wait until you mow your lawn for them to come out then go for it! It’s so fun and adds a super unique touch to your party or your patriotic day. This would also be amazing for a homecoming!!!

Here’s five to get the ball rolling, and maybe it will get the creative juices flowing!!! Make sure to check out my Pinterest page for more ideas for Fourth of July, and many more holidays. If you have a favorite holiday ‘Pin’ please share!! 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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