What’s Up with Summer?! Making Memories!!

 Where did summer go and why must it be over so quickly? I look at my blog and I’m thinking, “So, did I really post at all?” I had these grand plans, but I quickly realized that summer is ridiculously crazy! This summer we opted for Swim and Dive Team, which meant that every morning at the crack of dawn we were up and at the pool. It was a great experience for the kids and they loved it. I was so impressed by all that they accomplished in this first year. And despite my desires to do a huge laundry list of things this summer, I didn’t and that is okay. At first I didn’t think it was okay. I was frustrated and annoyed! But I realized that this is a season, a relatively short season of life and one that should be embraced. The looks on their faces when they saw me watching or cheering for them was so wonderful. But the give and take for that is maybe a little bit less time spent on myself than when school is in session. Three kids, going three different directions and a very busy hubby!!!

But like I said, it is for a season; and these are amazing memories that we are creating!!! For that I am thankful. And even if I wasn’t doing exactly what I thought I wanted to be doing; or what my planner had in it, or my famous lists – I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

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