Christmas in California

It’s been almost six years since we moved to the Washington, DC area. Six whole years! I feel like time is flying by. But the one thing I missed more than anything was Christmas with my family. So we were blessed and lucky enough to be able to go! We were off to spend two weeks with family and friends. Going home for Christmas was so special. All of the traditions I have been doing with my kids, passing them down to a new generation, I got to do with my mom, dad and sister. The cousins spent time together, giving them the chance to develop relationships that will continue to deepen as they get older. I flew out with the kids first by myself {yup, I did that and I’m officially calling myself a pro now!} and the hubbs joined up a week later. I wanted to share just a little bit of this special time with you all. Stay tuned for some traveling with kids tips and tricks!


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