My Heart is in Washington, DC

We’ve lived here for almost six years now! It’s really crazy if you think about it. Time has passed slow at times and yet here I am and my baby (who was months old when we came here) is now five and will enter kindergarten this year. We’ve built a lovely life here and after five years of basically rebuilding and re-branding myself I feel like I’ve almost hit my stride. We are completely involved in our church, I have amazing friends, the children have build beautiful friendships and their school is amazing. We’ve been so lucky and I’m grateful. Focusing on another positive aspect of my life is what is going to make 2017 great!

This past week I went to yet another amazing event with some of my new blogging pals in DC! These ladies are some of the most amazing people that I haven’t met. I was also excited to bring Samantha who is a fellow milspouse and an amazing life & style blogger who just moved to DC! To find a group of people that are outside my normal go to circle has been such a amazing thing. They’ve taught me so much, and just broadened who I am. I’ve had so much fun with them and am always grateful that they’ve welcomed me into their group. The Bubbles and Bloggers group met up at Sax Lounge in DC and it was the coolest. I’m already planning my birthday there!

you gotta have a DC driving in an Uber picture….right?!

If you’re looking for some amazing blogs, check out these ladies!!

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