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Nutrisystem Week 5: The Adventure Begins

After a ridiculous experience with the worst stomach flu known to man, which kept me out of normal eating for over two weeks, I have dived back into my Nutrisystem adventure! The adventure is just that, an adventure. But adventure is almost never easy. Its full of bumpy roads, twists and turns and I’ve had my fair share. I continue to avoid the scale but rely on what my body is telling me. My cravings for foods that once ruled my life are all but gone and for that I’m thankful! I’ve adjusted well to the complete change – ridding myself of sodas and unnecessary sugars has had a wonderful effect on my body.

Supposedly winter is upon us, but here in the DC area Winter isn’t coming. I find myself conflicted. The gorgeous weather is wonderful! The kids are playing outside, skirts are a thing, I pulled out my new floral purse to tote around town. But there’s something about the snow, bundling up with my boots and comfy sweaters. Winter is the time for stews, soups and corn bread. How does one stay committed to a new lifestyle of eating during the time?  Thank goodness for Nutrisystem’s Leaf!

Not only does Nutrisystem have some yummy food that comes in their pre-packaged programs, like Beef Stew and Loaded Mashed Potatoes; but the Leaf provides amazing recipes to make the days when I am making a FLEX meal easier.

If you are looking for some yummy Winter-friendly recipes check out some of these! They are on my to-try list!!

Ten Healthy Carbs – because you know we like carbs in the winter time!!
Seven Healthy Casseroles – some of my favorite comfort foods!
The Leaf, makes it so easy to find healthy recipes that help you mix things up in your house, while also keeping on track. You can also find healthy versions for your favorite recipes!! And they help you break down what each meal has it in it so you can keep on track if you are still following a Nutrisystem Plan. If you’re thinking about trying Nutrisystem, check out the Leaf!

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