Project Cinderella – Hosted by USOmetro

You guys!! I was the luckiest girl in all the land last weekend. I got to go hangout with some of my fellow milspouses at Project Cinderella! I had heard about this event but had never been able to attend before. But this year I decided to make it happen, and boy am I glad I did. It was so much fun. Really I had more fun watching everyone else have fun. Thinking about all the military spouses or female service members who were in attendance that maybe just really needed this day of pampering for whatever reason. I saw so many smiles that day it just made my heart swell. This is such a great event and I urge you to find out if your USO is hosting something similar. If you have dresses or shoes or other products that you could donate to an event like this do it! Some of these spouses really need these simple blessings and this is fantastic way to get rid of what you have that you might never use again while touching the lives of others.

 I was so happy to run into my fellow Spouse of the Year sister, Natasha!!! She’s amazing and we don’t get to see each other very often
 I’m also convinced that DC is the smallest place in the world, because I also ran into fellow DC Blogger/Fashionista lover, Patty from @Stylebypatty (go look her up on Instagram). She’s a milspouse as well?! What?!

 I also want to give a big shout out to the main sponsor of the event, EY (Earnst and Young)! They did so much for this event and continually support military spouses and families! THANK YOU!

The Fabulous Elaine Rodgers, who runs the USO metro

 We had so really fun sessions to sit in on. One was all about etiquette and just what to expect when you attend a fancy military dinner or event with three forks! It was fun! We laughed and gave each other tips and advice. It might sound corny, but it was good.

 We also got a visit from Miss Virginia and who else can say they had Elaine take a picture of them with a beauty queen!?

 I also want to take some time to acknowledge an amazing woman who came to speak to us. I knew of Veteran’s Court, but knowing about it in a general sense was about it. Melissa Fitzgerald left her amazing Hollywood Life to move here to the DC area to be in charge of Justice for Vets. Giving back was always a part of her life and I wish I could spend more time telling you her story. Look it up, because it is inspiring and encouraging! Consider checking out Justice For Vets and educating yourself about this amazing program!

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