Let’s Go On An Adventure!!

I’m constantly telling my kids we are going on an adventure. It’s what we say whenever we are leaving the house to go somewhere other than errands or the grocery store. However, Mr. Air Force and I have occasionally hidden the fact we are going to the commissary (cue crying children). Mostly though we use it to get them excited. The importance of adventure in life can not be understated!! There are times to stay home, do chores, clean up the yard, spend the day playing outside and reading books. There can never be to heavy of an importance placed on this. But adventure is surely the greatest! The time spent exploring and discovering something new with your children is so exciting. An adventure could be anything – a road trip, going bowling, visiting the Tulip Farm or seeing a Civil War Battlefield. Our life as a military family can be hard, and frequently our Mr. Air Force isn’t here. The desire I feel to have these adventures is surely compounded by this fact. I never know when he won’t be here to have that adventure with, and I don’t want to wait! Its a feeling only someone who lives a life that me could truly understand. It’s like the feeling that comes when its time to PCS, a strange mix of emotion, excitement and dread. So take those adventures, anytime you can! It doesn’t have to be far or cost a lot of money. An adventure is almost a state of mind, and I want my children to have that.

So…where was our latest adventure? We went to the Tulip Farm! It had been on my bucket list for a couple years now, and it just never seemed to work. There’s a peak time to go, and of course something was always coming up when that time came. This year, I was practically stalking the website and decided to go for it! It ended up being such a fun experience for the kids. We had a blast, outside in God’s creation, have simple fun and it was wonderful. I’m excited to experience Burnside Farms through the seasons, as I’ve heard they have Summer flowers too!!! And for my military readers, you can snag yourself a military discount there too!

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