Big Apple Circus – Bringing the Circus Back!!!

 We are all so devastated by the news of the Circus leaving! Its a conflicting thing for people I know, but there’s something about it that makes me super sad. But never fear, the amazing Big Apple Circus is here with its amazing show!! Its a beautiful, dazzling and spectacular show that your family will love. You will surely not be disappointed with them. If you’re headed to New York consider stopping in to visit Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center. What is really exciting about this particular performance group is that some of the performers are part of the famous Wallenda family, who most people at least partially recognize in relation to the circus. What a cool historical connected to share with the kids!! Launching in 1977, Big Apple Circus has become known for their community outreach programs and commitment to their community. As with a lot of things that have been around for awhile in the industry, they took a hit in 2016 and filed Bankruptcy. But they were fortunately saved and re-launched in time to celebrate their 40th Anniversary!!

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