Common Sense and Sweet Tea, Episode 12

Hi ya’ll! I’m so excited to have another episode of the podcast for you. Please check it out on Itunes and google play, subscribe and leave a review (pretty please with a cherry on top!!}

Today I’m talking with my friend Sonya, mom, blogger, Christian, powerful woman all about all of those things. While we barely scratch the surface of this topic (one I hope to visit again soon) I hope it starts some conversation and at least get you thinking. Check out Sonya on her blog and on Instagram. You can also follow along with her writings over on Coffee and Crumbs.


Recommendations from Me: True Crime Addict – James Renner

Trouble Maker – by Leah Remini

Brides of Bliss Series by Jamie Ferrell (look for the links on my sidebar)

VEEP on Amazon Prime (HBO)

Recommendations from Sonya: British Baking Show on Netflix

The Bright Hour – Nina Riggs

Sacred Rhythms 

Madeline E’Ngle – Walking on Water

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You I’m Sorry by Fredrick Backman

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