Inclusive Sizing in Every Day Brands: Time and Tru from WalMart

Well, if you are following me on my Instagram yesterday you might have seen me trying on a few pieces from Walmart’s new Time and Tru line of clothing. I saw the commercials and read about the brand and was excited to give it a try. Time and Tru does have a plus size (or woman’s) section, but their standard sizing claims to go up to size 20. As the mother of three kids as well as a stay at home mom, having a budget is really important. I can’t always shell out $30+ for a shirt and 50+ for pants or a dress. Its just simply not in the budget. Buying classic pieces that will survive the times and also wear is important, but sometimes you need some clothes and can’t afford the really nice stuff. For curvy girls this can be an even bigger issue. Sometimes our clothes cost more in general. We have to hunt for clothes more and even worse, our sections of stores are teeny tiny. Why we can’t just all be in one section with the same clothes that just go up to a bigger size is still the greatest mystery. As if I didn’t feel bad enough you stick me in a postage stamp sized section next to maternity with NO clothing that looks like the huge womens or juniors section. That rant is for another time.

I picked up five items to try on – a grey, spaghetti strap ruffle jumpsuit, flower wrap dress, cold shoulder top, white jeggings and a pink top with side ruching. First, I’m not even going to post a picture of the jumpsuit. Its super cute but just not flattering on me at all. The waist sits high and the length of the pants wasn’t right for me. I was also annoyed that I would have had to go up a full size. Not happy. Same with the jeggings….they fit but that’s about it. There wasn’t a whole lot flattering about it and it made me wonder what curvy woman would wear these.


I’m really in love with both of the tops – the cold shoulder will definitely work in my standard size, but the other shirt no way. That is simply because of the design of the cold shoulder is more boho and flowy. I’m still not convinced that I like the fit of the other one in that size up either.


The wrap dress is the whole reason I went to try these on. I love this dress so much. The feel of the fabric, the design of the dress should, in theory, be super flattering. The pattern would be perfect for Easter. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit at all like its supposed to. If you want to see the ad for it click here.


In short I was disappointed. The price point is great and the overall quality of the clothing is much nicer than what we have come to expect from WalMart. But the sizing leaves something to be desired. You would have to be curvy but super fit if that makes any sense at all because some of the items will show everything (the dress and the pants). Also, curvy but no boobs.

**the items shown here are a size 20+ which is two sizes larger than I would normally purchase just about anywhere else. The items in my “Fashion’ Stories are a size 16/18**


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